Midwestern Actors

Kathryn Hahn Is Midwestern Funny

February 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

When we started our site our mission was to talk about all things entertainment but with a Midwestern edge.  There’s such an East/West Coast bias in entertainment, nobody was really sticking up for America’s heartland. Sadly, with all our fame and fortune we got away from our roots.  It’s amazing how one Juan Pablo re-tweet can go to your head.  We were young and impressionable a year ago and the glitter got to us. I know you want to know what state of undress Miley Cyrus ...Click for More

SNL – Weekend Update News

September 16, 2013 // 0 Comments

Big news on the SNL front.  It was just announced that Midwestern girl and Second City alum Cecily Strong will be the new co-host of Weekend Update. Cecily was born in Springfield and raised in Oak Park, Illinois.  Her only negative is that she is a White Sox fan (even though we don’t get paid, MWTVG is an unofficial sponsor of the Chicago Cubs). The current Weekend Update host, Seth Meyers, will be leaving the show in February to host his own late night show.  No word on whether ...Click for More

Lisa Robin Kelly Dead at 43

August 15, 2013 // 0 Comments

That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly died on Wednesday in a California rehab facility where she had checked herself in voluntarily for treatment.  She was 43 years old. Best known for her role on That 70s Show as Eric Foreman’s older sister Laurie, the actress has battled addiction issues for several years.  She was kicked off That 70s Show for drug problems and her issues continued having been arrested on DUI charges 4 times in the last 3 years. “Unfortunately Lisa Robin Kelly ...Click for More

Scottt Bakula – Midwestern Actor

April 17, 2013 // 1 Comment

It’s been a while since we highlighted a Midwestern actor.  Feels like we kind of dropped the ball in reminding you of all the talent that has come out of the Midwest.  Our bad. We often have the best of intentions and then our laziness gets in our way and we forget some things. So let’s take a quick look at an actor from the Midwest who was the star of one of our favorite shows of all time – Scott Bakula. He was born October 9, 1954 in St. Louis, MO.  He is most remembered ...Click for More

Beck Bennett, I Bet you Didn’t Know His Name

March 23, 2013 // 1 Comment

I have mixed feelings about AT&T’s It’s Not Complicated series of commercials.  On the one hand, AT&T violates my rule about putting kids with speech impediments on TV.  On the other hand, the adult star of these commercials is very funny.  I’m torn.  I really hate the kids, but I love the guy so, I was doing some research on these commercials to see what others thought about them and I found out something very interesting about the adult star, his name is Beck ...Click for More

Midwestern Actor – Bill Murray

December 19, 2012 // 1 Comment

Courtesy of ESPN As we are a website that promotes itself as the voice of the Midwest, we periodically like to feature actors who have somehow become successful even though they came from middle America. Today, we feature Bill Murray.  Born in Wilmette, Illinois (suburb of Chicago).  For full bio go here. A lot of people remember Bill from his SNL days.  Like a lot of comedians from the Midwest, Bill actually started his career in 1974 at Second City Chicago.  From there he moved to New ...Click for More

30 Rock, I Can’t Believe It’s Almost Over

December 7, 2012 // 1 Comment

As many of you are aware, 30 ROCK is coming to an end in January.  As of now, there are only 5 episodes left.  While others have questioned whether or not they are phoning it in this year, I think the show is as funny as it’s ever been. Let’s not kid ourselves, while Tina Fey is the headline act, Alec Baldwin is the engine that drives the bus.  On last night’s show, Jack Donaghy’s mother, played by Tony award winning actress Elaine Stritch (a Midwestern girl from ...Click for More

Midwest Actor – Lamorne Morris

November 18, 2012 // 0 Comments

We like to feature actors that come from the Midwest here at MWTVG.  Let me introduce you to one that comes from right around the same area as the MWTVG team, the suburbs of Chicago.  This guy even went to my high school, Glenbard South, and I didn’t even know it. This is Midwestern actor Lamorne Morris: You might recognize him as Winston Bishop on the Fox comedy NEW GIRL.  Morris studied acting at the College of DuPage in suburban Chicago and has been working regularly since 2000. ...Click for More

A Twist To And Now You Know…

November 16, 2012 // 0 Comments

As many of you know, we periodically like to feature a Midwestern actor to demonstrate to the rest of the country that acting is not all that hard and that even people from the Midwest can do it. Today, I want to feature an actor that, as of right now, I am glad is NOT FROM THE MIDWEST.   Brad Pitt Generally, MIDWEST MIKE comments on commercials and there have been some classics.  Who can forget Callous Clear, Flo from Progressive, or Claire Forlani from Dewars. Today, I would like to jump in ...Click for More

Midwestern Actor – Tony Shalhoub

November 9, 2012 // 0 Comments

So I’m browsing through the TV Guide seeing what else is on tonight.  I see MNT has MONK reruns.  I just want to say it, I miss MONK. So then I go to IMDB to see what Tony Shaloub is up to and turns out, he is a Midwestern actor.  Sure enough, he is originally from Green Bay Wisconsin. One other fun fact – his cousin is radio personality Jonathan Brandmeier. For more information on Tony, click here.   ...Click for More