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Around The Web For 9-28-16

September 28, 2016 // 0 Comments

You get up every morning From your ‘larm clock’s warning Take the 8:15 into the city There’s a whistle up above And people pushin’, people shovin’ And the girls who try to look pretty And if your train’s on time You can get to work by nine And start your slaving job to get your pay If you ever get annoyed Look at me I’m self-employed I love to work at nothing all day And I’ll be taking care of business (every day) BTO Went to a wedding over the ...Click for More

Around the Web for 9-27-16

September 27, 2016 // 0 Comments

She turned away, what was she looking at? She was a sour girl the day that she met me Hey! What are you looking at? She was a happy girl the day that she left me She turned away what was she looking at? She was a sour girl the day that she met me Hey! What are you looking at? She was a happy girl when she left me What would you do? What would you do if I followed you? What would you do if I follow? – Stone Temple Pilots Welcome to the Tuesday news. Apparently there was a debate last ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-26-16

September 26, 2016 // 0 Comments

Run away with me Lost souls and reverie Running wild and running free Two kids, you and me And I say Hey, hey hey hey Living like we’re renegades Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Living like we’re renegades Renegades Welcome back to work my party peeps, how’s your Monday going so far?  Mine’s alright as I mourned the death on the Bears season after week 2 so last nights embarrassment had no effect on me as I was busy watching NCIS:Los Angeles.  Like an idiot I watch all the ...Click for More

Around the Web for 9-25-16

September 25, 2016 // 0 Comments

1989 the number another summer (get down) Sound of the funky drummer Music hittin’ your heart cause I know you got soul (Brothers and sisters, hey) Listen if you’re missin’ y’all Swingin’ while I’m singin’ Givin’ whatcha gettin’ Knowin’ what I know While the Black bands sweatin’ And the rhythm rhymes rollin’ Got to give us what we want Gotta give us what we need Our freedom of speech is freedom or death We got to fight the ...Click for More

Around the Web for 9-24-16

September 24, 2016 // 0 Comments

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free, now now. And feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues, You know feeling good was good enough for me, Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee. – Janis Joplin Welcome to Saturday. It was a long week. The nights are getting longer and the weather will soon be turning. Before you know it, it’s going to be 40 below and dark 22 hours a day. Before we start getting ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-23-16

September 23, 2016 // 0 Comments

No reason to get excited The thief he kindly spoke There are many here among us Who feel that life is but a joke But, uh, but you and I, we’ve been through that And this is not our fate So let us stop talkin’ falsely now The hour’s getting late, hey Bob Dylan/Jimmy Hendrix/Lucifer We made it to Friday y’all.  Can you believe New England’s dismantling of the Texans with a 3rd string QB?  Shows how bad the Virginia McCaskey Bears are when they can’t win with ...Click for More

Around the Web for 9-22-16

September 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

When we were young the future was so bright The old neighborhood was so alive And every kid on the whole damn street Was gonna make it big and not be beat Now the neighborhood’s cracked and torn The kids are grown up but their lives are worn How can one little street Swallow so many lives – The Offspring Welcome to the Thursday news. Today is a very sad day for all of us. It’s the Fall Equinox. Summer ends today and we begin fall. Today is the day where we have an equal amount ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-21-16

September 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

Hey you with the pretty face Welcome to the human race A celebration, mister blue sky’s up there waitin’ And today is the day we’ve waited for Oh mister blue sky please tell us why You had to hide away for so long Where did we go wrong? Electric Light Orchestra Half-way through the week and the Bears got some good news yesterday in that Jay Cutler is hurt and can’t play for at least a couple weeks.  Right now as a Bears fan I feel about them the same way I would as a ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-19-16

September 19, 2016 // 0 Comments

I’m no angel, its been said. Stone at the bottom of the river bed. Falling slowly, shallow breath. Broken and bent. I’ve caused all the trouble that’s in my head. I’ve known shadows where the river bends. Falling slowly, missing a friend. Broken and bent. Last I saw you, you were such a mess. But i’m finished wandering in the wilderness. Falling slowly, taking a breath. Broken and Bent. Peter Salett Watching the wonderfully awful movie Role Models this weekend for ...Click for More

Around the Web for 9-18-16

September 18, 2016 // 0 Comments

Love I get so lost, sometimes Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart When I want to run away I drive off in my car But whichever way I go I come back to the place you are All my instincts, they return And the grand facade, so soon will burn Without a noise, without my pride I reach out from the inside – Peter Gabriel Welcome to the Sunday news. Football is on soon and nothing gets in the way of football so let’s get to the news from around the web for 9-18-16 so you can go ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-16-16

September 16, 2016 // 0 Comments

Come on come on, turn the radio on It’s Friday night and it won’t be long Gotta do my hair, put my make-up on It’s Friday night and it won’t be long Till I hit the dance floor Hit the dance floor! I got all I need No I ain’t got cash! I ain’t got cash! But I got you baby… Sia featuring Sean Paul This song is #4 on the hot 100 list right now and that’s depressing.  What a stupid, repetitive, mindless song.  Actually, this was the only one in the ...Click for More

Around the Web for 9-15-16

September 15, 2016 // 0 Comments

Well, you wake up in the mornin’, you hear the work bell ring And they march you to the table to see the same old thing Ain’t no food upon the table, and no pork up in the pan But you better not complain, boy, you get in trouble with the man – Creedence Clearwater Revival Great day today in Chicago. The Cubs magic number is 1 so today could be clinch day.  It’s one step down. I’ve been a fan for way too long to really have my hopes up, but the excitement is ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-14-16

September 14, 2016 // 0 Comments

You make me feel like dancing I’m gonna dance the night away You make me feel like dancing I’m gonna dance the night away You make feel like dancing I feel like dancing Dancing, dance the night away I feel like dancing, dancing, aaaah Leo Sayer So is that song in your head now?  You’re welcome.  So what’s the haps, the deal, the 4-1-1 today?  Not much here.  I could bore you with some day job stuff about how tomorrow is a tax deadline but you don’t want to hear ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-12-16

September 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

You could travel the world but nothing comes close To the golden coast once you party with us You’ll be falling in love Oooooh Oh Oooooh California girls, we’re unforgettable Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top Sun-kissed skin o hot We’ll melt your popsicle Oooooh Oh Oooooh Katy Perry How’s your Monday going so far?  Let’s see, Cubs win Bears lose and somebody told me the White Sox still played in Chicago.  Who knew.  If you’re like me you’re getting ...Click for More

Around The Web For 9-9-16

September 9, 2016 // 0 Comments

Don’t stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, I’mma fight ‘Til we see the sunlight Tick tock on the clock But the party don’t stop, no oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Ke$ha This song’s a real thinker.  Hey, it’s Friday sometimes you don’t want to think right?  It’s started as an annoying day as I’ve already been interrupted by annoying clients asking me to do work for them.  Apparently they think that if they pay me I owe them ...Click for More
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