Coca Cola Life Terrific Commercial

December 19, 2013 // 0 Comments

If you get tired of seeing all the awful commercials that we as TV watchers sometimes have to endure, remember that every now and then good commercials do get made. This is the Coca Cola Life Terrific commercial from Argentina and everyone who is a parent will connect with this commercial ...Click for More

Jaguar Spoofs Mercedes

December 18, 2013 // 0 Comments

I love when companies have a sense of humor. Jaguar was not a company that I would have ever associated with humor though since they are so properly British (they even pronounce it Jag-U-ar). Until now. You may or may not remember a commercial from Mercedes that used a chicken to show how great their cars are. Jag-U-ar saw that commercial and thought they could do one better. Here is the original commercial from Mercedes:   Now here is the commercial where Jaguar spoofs Mercedes:   ...Click for More

Clorox Thinks Men are Morons

December 12, 2013 // 1 Comment

I’ve written before about how TV portrays men and dads. In case you haven’t read my thoughts I’ll tell you, TV thinks if you are male you are an idiot. There are some commercials running from Clorox that highlight this problem and show that Clorox thinks men are morons. Here are two examples:   In both commercials, the poor wife/mom is shown coming home to something stupid her husband or in the 2nd one, her dad, is doing that she now has to clean up after. In both cases, ...Click for More

McDonald’s Social Experiment Commercial

December 9, 2013 // 0 Comments

Have you seen the McDonald’s commercial that takes place in an airport? You probably have. There isn’t anything really shocking about it but as I have seen it more and more I have found it to be an interesting social experiment commercial. Head inside to find out what I’m talking ...Click for More

VIP Electronic Cigarette Commercial

December 5, 2013 // 2 Comments

I don’t smoke and never did, but man I’m thinking about starting after seeing this VIP Electronic Cigarette commercial. I did some research on E cigs and it appears there is some debate as to their safety.  According to Wikipedia, the health effects of E cigs is unknown.  Really?  It uses a heating element to vaporize a liquid solution that contains nicotine and other “flavors” which is then inhaled by the user.  I can’t see any problems with this. Anyway, ...Click for More

Columbia Omni Heat Technology

December 2, 2013 // 0 Comments

With not much new to watch on TV last week, I guess it’s again time to discuss commercials.  Midwest Mike just discussed issues he had with a Discover Card commercial because the plot of the commercial really didn’t make sense. Columbia’s Omni Heat Technology commercial also makes no ...Click for More

Discover It Card Commercial

December 1, 2013 // 0 Comments

I’ve talked about Discover and some of the commercials they run over a year ago. Remember the most racist commercial on TV? It’s a Midwest TV Guys classic from back when we were brand new. We are back with another commercial from Discover. This one isn’t racist but I do have an issue with ...Click for More

20 Classic Chicago TV Commercials

October 27, 2013 // 40 Comments

We love talking about commercials here at MWTVG because they are such a big part of TV and when they are really good or really bad, commercials are some of our strongest TV memories.  Being that we are from the midwest, Chicago specifically, I wanted to pay homage to some of the most classic Chicago TV commercials from the past.  My love of TV got started when I was young when most of these commercials were running on TV.  If you are from Chicago and are of a certain age, you no doubt know ...Click for More

Fruit Of The Loom Commercial

October 24, 2013 // 0 Comments

If you haven’t seen the Fruit Of The Loom commercial featuring a female stunt woman, I posted it below.  It’s funny to read some of the comments this commercial has received. Some think it’s a bad commercial because it will make young girls self conscious because they’re not as thin as this model. Others have said it’s a good influence because it shows a strong woman taking names and kicking butt. Both sides are kind of missing the point.  It’s underwear ...Click for More

Hulk Hogan Parodies Miley Cyrus

October 5, 2013 // 0 Comments

I’m going to warn you now.  There are some things that once seen, cannot be unseen.  If you watch this video of Hulk Hogan doing a Miley Cyrus parody, we are not responsible for the images that get burned in to your brain.  Again, some things once seen, cannot be unseen.  You have been ...Click for More
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