Catching up on the Week Vol. 2

urlDamn real life.  Ideally I can someday get to the point where I can write professionally while sitting in an easy chair wearing a fancy robe sipping on coffee or mojitos or mojito-flavored coffee.  On second thought, that last part sounds awful.  Being able to deliver the latest and greatest news, reviews and insight on your favorite television shows?  Priceless.

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Now that BUCKWILD is back in between-season production, I have nothing to make fun of for my Thursday evening entertainment.  Yes it’s sadistic, so sue me.  Or don’t sue me, that would be better.  While my MIDWEST VALENTINE’S WIFE catches up on NASHVILLE and GREY’S ANATOMY, I get to reflect on a string of great shows so far this week with THE FOLLOWING, JUSTIFIED and SUPERNATURAL.

On a side note, discarding ARROW from my Wednesday night lineup was the best thing I’ve done in years.  I saw a review of this week’s episode of ARROW earlier today that said it was the best one so far.  Whoever the reviewer happens to be, they are flat-out lying.  The ‘best’ episode of ARROW is like taking the most satisfying dump.  No matter how good it seems, it still looks and smells like crap.

Head inside for more!Monday’s episode of THE FOLLOWING (“Mad Love”) was the first episode that I would consider pretty great.  The acting was on par, the side-investigation plot was convincing and there were some moments of genuine suspense that have been largely missing from the show so far.  Except for… Emma, Paul and Jacob.  It gets much better with Jacob’s character as it comes out that he has never actually killed anybody, so Paul kidnaps a woman to force Jacob’s first murder.  Jacob can’t do the deed and lets her loose just for her to be hunted down again by Emma and Paul.  That whole sequence?  Fantastic.  What transpires afterwords?  Strange and disgusting dude-on-dude-on-girl stuff which seems almost entirely pointless, almost like they are flaunting the situation to the viewers.  Sorry, but it does nothing for the story and holds not one iota of my interest.


Otherwise, Hardy’s sister is kidnapped by Maggie from last episode which forces Hardy to go find her.  He ends up being kidnapped himself and is tortured by Maggie demagnetizing his pacemaker.  The effect with the slowing heartbeat created the best sequence of the show thus far.  A- for this week.

Over on JUSTIFIED (“Foot Chase”), Raylan tracks down Josiah to where he’s being held captive by Boyd’s lawyer as she mistakes him for Drew Thompson.  Colt reveals a massive drug problem and penchant for hitting women.  At the end, Boyd proposes to Ava who naturally says yes.  Another excellent episode, and I am convinced that it is not possible to be let down on a Tuesday night by JUSTIFIED.

Last but certainly not least, let’s discuss SUPERNATURAL.  This week was not good… it was fantastic.  In “Trial and Error”, we make a huge and sudden shift right back into crossroads demons, heaven and hellhounds in the best possible ways.  “Trial and Error” is somewhat of an ironic title given the past season and a half… ideally we are done with the error end of things.

Sam and Dean settle down in their new HQ which is a really great change of pace for the characters and the show.  Kevin finishes translating the tablets only to discover that there are three trials that need to be passed before casting the spell to close hell forever.  The first trial is to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood.  For the uninitiated, hellhounds are bad mf’ers that are sent to drag folks back to hell who have made deals with demons.

Spoiler alert:  They figure out how to both see and kill a hellhound to start the process of the spell.  I only hope that this brings a bit of continuity to the last handful of episodes that has been missing for such a long time.  As far as I’m concerned, if SUPERNATURAL can get back to this level of quality, it can continue for a very long time.  A+ for this week. urlThat’s it for now.  Clip show for GHOST ADVENTURES again tomorrow, go figure.  But tomorrow is Friday which means that the day after is Saturday.  And Saturday means that THE WALKING DEAD is only one day away.  See how my fuzzy logic works?  Me neither.


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  1. Midwest Mike // February 14, 2013 at 10:55 pm //

    I’m going to put in a request now that if we ever get to do this full time, that you never, ever be allowed to wear a robe while writing for the website, even if you are working from home. I don’t even want to picture what that would be like. I have to go and drink a black out amount of vodka now to try and reset my brain.

    • Midwest Mark // February 15, 2013 at 8:57 pm //

      To be fair, a robe is slightly more than I usually wear during my creative process. Just trying to do you guys a favor, that’s all…

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