Catch a Contractor with Adam Carolla

catch a contractor with adam carolla

catch a contractor with adam carollaCatch a Contractor with Adam Carolla premiered last night on Spike TV. I’ve been waiting for this show since it was announced last fall because I like Adam Carolla and because I have had a horrible contractor experience.

I got taken by a concrete contractor (I won’t name them here but if you are planning on getting  concrete work done in the Chicago area send me an email and I’ll tell you who not to use) who was just awful. I can’t tell you how bad it feels to get taken by one of these guys. I feel about as low as possible because I feel like I’m pretty smart but I got taken like an idiot.  What I liked about watching Catch a Contractor was knowing that I am not alone.

The idea behind the show is that Adam Carolla and one of his friends, Skip Bedell,  help people who have been scammed by horrible contractors. The fact that a show like this even exists tells me how common it is for a contractor to be absolutely awful.

Adam and Skip go to the houses of victims to assess the damage done by the horrible contractors and then they set about tracking down the offender. They have a private investigator who helps them track down the contractor which is funny, because I need an investigator to track down my guy since he uses several names to hide his identity.

Both episodes that aired tonight with the premiere followed what will be the standard formula for the show. Meet the victims, assess the damage, find the contractor, bring the guy back to the job site and try to make him fix what he said he would fix.

If you have ever had a bad experience with a contractor, you will both like and hate this show. You are going to hate it because it will bring back all those painful memories of what you went through. You will love it though to see the justice that is served on these awful contractors. The kind of justice you wish could have been served on the jerks you had worked with.

Catch a Contractor with Adam Carolla is only a 30 minute show so it’s not a huge time investment. It’s a reality show but not like the scripted reality garbage you see. These are real situations with real victims. Adam and Skip are both contractors who know what they are talking about so it’s interesting to hear from them what has gone wrong with these jobs.

If you haven’t heard of this show, watch the trailer from Spike:

Catch a Contractor with Adam Carolla


If you are looking for a quick 30 minute show that will entertain you getting to see awful contractors being brought to justice, you will want to watch this show.

Catch a Contractor with Adam Carolla airs on Spike TV Sundays at 9:00.