Burn Notice – The Mission is Finally Over

The season and series finale of Burn Notice was on last night.  As the only writer over here who watches shows other than those with zombies, meth heads, or motorcycle gangs it’s up to me to discuss it.

My grade – B

It’s hard to believe that this show began way back in the Summer of 2007.  There have been 111 episodes over 7 seasons and even 1 movie.  That doesn’t happen if people don’t like the show.

The stars of the show were Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar but they were not why I watched this show.  Sam Axe played by Midwesterner Bruce Campbell is what made this show fun.

He was tough and funny and was always thinking about where to get his next beer.  The producers knew that as well and even featured him in the Burn Notice movie.

I’m not going to recap the finale, you either watched it or you didn’t.  I would like to give credit to the USA Network who time and time again produces some of my favorite programing.  They aren’t all winners (Graceland or Covert Affairs) but you have more hits then misses, which is way more then NBC could ever say.

Midwest Mike recently wrote an article about his favorite 20 series finales.  The Burn Notice finale will not make that list.  It did have some surprises and at least tied up all loose ends.  I hate open ended finales (yes I’m looking at you Lost).

So goodbye Burn Notice.  You made my Summers a little bit better and for that I thank you.

2 Comments on Burn Notice – The Mission is Finally Over

  1. Midwest Miller // September 15, 2013 at 9:03 pm //

    I have been a fan of Burn Notice since it began(felt like a long time ago). I agree that USA has done great with some shows(Suits/Psych/Monk/Burn Notice/Royal Pains) and so glad this was kept going for as long as it did. The finale was not great or amazing but you are right that it had big surprises and nice closure. All the lines back to early season 1 stuff was great too. Here’s hoping a new show takes its place soon.

  2. Midwest Mike // September 14, 2013 at 9:39 am //

    I really liked this show. I was also a watcher. This is the show that showed TV that you could put an original scripted show on TV in the summer and have it be successful. We owe summer TV programming to this show. Thanks for a great run Burn Notice.

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