Burn Notice Is Back Tonight

burn notice is back tonightI don’t quite understand how and when USA, TBS, & TNT decide to air some of their shows.  It started out where these networks would air their shows in the Summer, and it was great because nothing else new was on at the time.  Unless you are a super fan, or read this sight, how would you know to even look for this show tonight? Answer? You wouldn’t. That is why we provide such a valuable service to the masses. We help you find good TV shows to watch.

On top of that, they are airing 2 new episodes of the show tonight.  WHY?  You couldn’t save them for Thanksgiving week or for December where after about the 15th, the networks only air reruns?

Anyway, here is a preview of tonight’s episode.  I may TIVO it and save it till December on principle.

Preview – Burn Notice is Back Tonight


Burn Notice airs on the USA Network and has been a surprise hit for the network. If you haven’t been watching the show, you can catch up on the USA Network website or on Netflix. I highly recommend this show. The cast is excellent and the story lines are original and interesting.