Buckwild – The News Gets Worse

shain gandee buckwildFans of MTV’s Buckwild are enduring more hits today than any fans of a godawful show about horrendous people should have to endure.  First came the shocking news that it’s not a good idea to go off-roading in the dark after drinking in a bar and now, fans of Buckwild have to endure the news that the death of Shain Gandee has caused MTV to suspend filming of the 2nd season of Buckwild.  I don’t know if MTV is being cruel on purpose or if they too are in shock but to add this insult to the already suffered injury is inexcusable.  Well fans of Buckwild.  Keep your chins up.  There are still 8 other cast members of Buckwild left alive and I’m sure MTV won’t want to turn off the money spigot on this redneck roller coaster just yet.  I’m sure it will be back before you can read a book.

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  1. I bet casting for a new “friend” that the group has never ever met has already begun.

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