Buckwild Renewed for Season 2

urlGreat news for all you Shain Gandee Fan Club members out there… MTV has officially renewed BUCKWILD for a second season just ahead of the season 1 finale airing tomorrow night.  BUCKWILD ended up being another enormous hit for MTV being the top rated original cable series on Thursday nights among the 12-34 crowd.  It averaged an amazing 3 million viewers per episode considering the stunning mind-numbing effect it has on me on a weekly basis.

Chalk this up as a victory for fans of blurry nudity, muddy trucks, Salwa’s cleavage and Gandee Candy.  Or is it Gandee Candee?  The spelling difference would not shock me at this point.  Seeing as MTV produced JERSEY SHORE seasons as rapidly as the cast members could contract new and different forms of VD, we can assume that season 2 will be with us sooner than we think.  And probably lasting quite a bit longer than 6 weeks of double episodes.  I will be sure to keep the devoted MWTVG readers abreast of the latest developments.

Be sure to come on back tomorrow night for a recap of the season finale!