Brooklyn Nine Nine

We recently asked FOX Network to give us credentials to view their shows before the rest of the unwashed massed (read as YOU).

Anywho, I’ve been pretty hard on their awful sitcom Dads.  In my defense, the show does suck wicked hard (that’s my fake Boston accent, did you hear it).

So the staff here feels that I need to maybe suck up to the network honchos just a scooch.  So fine, if you aren’t watching Brooklyn Nine Nine you are missing a show Midwest TV Guys call the unquestioned #1 supremely awesome breakout show of the Fall (I hope to see that in their promos FYI)..

Midwest Mike brought up a good point during one of our staff meetings about how tough it is to play the straight guy.  Andre Braugher is making it look effortless.  And when you compare his performance to how awful Sarah Michelle Gellar is next to Robin Williams in The Crazy Ones Andre looks all the better.

As we don’t yet have the type of credentials to show you better clips, here are some that show some of what it is we love about this show.  The second clip has Chelsea Peretti who I’ve never heard of before this show but have a new appreciation for now.