Brian Will be Back on Family Guy

family guyI know that only about 5 of you still watch Family Guy but since I do, I’ll continue writing about it. For the 5 of you who care, Brian will be back on Family Guy. If you were upset at his death, and I would bet you were nowhere near as upset as this guy, don’t worry, it was a hoax.I said when I first wrote about Brian dying that I didn’t believe it but that doesn’t make me special or a psychic. Lot’s of people didn’t believe it. Seth MacFarlane has done this kind of a thing before so we shouldn’t be surprised. Brian is one of the show’s most popular characters as well and he is voiced by Seth himself so killing him off was probably never really an option.

The producers told fans in July that a major character would be getting killed off from the show. There has been speculation ever since then as to who it would be. If this is their idea of living up to their promise, then they should go and f**k themselves.

For the rest of you who don’t watch this show, why don’t you? Do you not like things that are funny? Are you afraid to laugh? Does it conflict with a rerun of Big Bang Theory? Admittedly the show hasn’t been as regularly funny as it once was but it is still a funny show. I know it’s no 2 Broke Girls, but not everything can be comedic gold like that show.

Anyway. Family Guy fans, Brian will be back on the show December 15. How they will address his death and funeral and burial hasn’t been discussed so we will find out when the show airs. Look for a dream sequence of some kind and if MacFarlane is really on his game, he’ll involve Bobby and Pam Ewing from Dallas and the shower scene spoof like he did before. ¬†Whatever happens, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can all promptly ignore it.