Brian Scalabrine 30 for 30 Spoof

brian scalabrine 30 for 30

brian scalabrine 30 for 30Unless you are a hardcore fan of the NBA or a fan of one of the three teams he played for, you probably don’t know who Brian Scalabrine is. Despite not being well-known at all, he managed to have an 11-year NBA career with three different teams, one of those teams being the Chicago Bulls.

He was certainly never a great player but I enjoyed his time here in Chicago because Brian Scalabrine is a funny guy who got it. He understood that he was lucky to be in the NBA. He wasn’t a primadonna who demanded special treatment or who acted like how 99% of the rest of the NBA acts. He was (and is since he’s not dead) a funny guy who just enjoyed being in the league. He was known by two different nicknames in his time in the league, The White Mamba, and my favorite, Veal. Both are funny and show what kind of guy Brian Scalabrine is.

You can see some of what made him funny in this video he released today. If you aren’t familiar with ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, you are missing out. It’s the best thing to hit sports journalism since the invention of sports journalism.

What makes this funny is that in no way would Brian Scalabrine ever get himself a 30 for 30 special. He knows that and he put this video together poking fun at himself and his career. You can’t not like a guy who is willing to make fun of himself.

Brian Scalabrine 30 for 30 Special


This is a spoof but it’s so well done you can’t help but wonder if the folks at 30 for 30 might not really look in to this.