Brian Griffin Might Not Be Dead

brian griffinOn Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, it appeared as though one of the main characters, Brian Griffin, was killed off. The writers had promised that a member of the Griffin family would be killed this season and it appeared as though they were making good on their promise. It seems however that Brian Griffin might not be dead after all. The guys over at Junkie Monkeys have a pretty compelling case for the fact that Brian is not dead.Looking at their evidence I’d have to say I am leaning towards their conclusion that Brian isn’t dead. Now judging from the number of people who read the article I wrote on Sunday about this, I’d say that just about none of you really care about this but hey, I get to write what I want to write here so you have to put up with it. Remember, I did a whole fricken season of The Bachelor for all of you so that gives me a pass for quite a while.

Some of the fan theories that I have seen on the internet have Brian waking up from a dream alive and well a’la Dallas and Bobby Ewing. If you are a fan of Family Guy, and again judging from the number of people who read anything I write about this show there aren’t many of you, then you might remember that Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal did a live action cameo as their Dallas characters Bobby and Pam way back in the season 2 episode, “Da Boom“. That’s the one where the world is wiped out by the Y2K event. The episode ends with Pam and Bobby saying the episode was just a dream. If this is the way that Seth MacFarlane is heading, I’d appreciate a little tie back to this event.

There are lots of people who are pretty upset with Brian being killed off the show so my feeling is that MacFarlane is screwing with his fans. I don’t think that Brian is really dead after all and I’m not even sure that they are serious about really killing off a main character. They can say that they have done it or they can still really do it. The Junkie Monkeys still believe that Chris is going to be killed and note that he is missing from future promos. Who knows. What I do know is that just about none of you care about this and if you have gotten to this point in the article, I’ll be pretty impressed.

Be sure to not stay tuned as I continue to track the fascinating tale that is Family Guy. When anything else happens, I’ll be sure to write something that you can quickly ignore in favor of the next episode of Real Housewives of ____________ or Duck f-ing Dynasty.