Breaking Bad – The Alternate Series Ending

grid-cell-11063-1384700069-14Although I was a late bloomer to BREAKING BAD, I can now confidently say that it rests somewhere in my top five TV series of all time, probably close to the top if I ever sat down to figure it all out.  I am on episode 10 of Season 5 and will be finishing out the whole thing by the end of next week.

Even though it is a great show in every way, the one exception was the premiere episode of season 5.  It was so bad it was almost unwatchable, but at least they performed a quick about-face and the rest has been terrific.  I had been waiting for three seasons for DEAN NORRIS to finally figure out what was going on with Walter, “If that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course… is to tread lightly.”  Awesome.

With the upcoming release of BREAKING BAD: THE COMPLETE SERIES on Blu Ray and DVD on November 26th, they released an “alternate ending” to the show that effectively “Dallas-ed” the whole thing in the universe of MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE.  BRYAN CRANSTON fans will appreciate the hilarious mashup of the two shows and many inside references to BREAKING BAD.