Breaking Bad Actor Cast as Under the Dome Villain

dean norris under the domeBreaking Bad actor Dean Norris has been cast as the lead villain in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome.  Norris will be playing 2nd Selectman and used car dealership owner James “Big Jim” Rennie who orchestrates a takeover of the town of Chesters Mill after the dome comes down.  Fans of the Stephen King book, like me, know that this character is the most important character in the book and making the right casting decision here will go a long way towards making this series a success or a failure.  If you don’t watch Breaking Bad, you might remember Norris from his more memorable role of human vagina in Total Recall or is powerful role, that was snubbed by the Oscars, in the laughably bad and cheesy (but also a movie that whenever it’s on TV, I stop to watch it) Starship Troopers as The Commanding Officer.

I’m looking forward to the premiere of Under the Dome as I mostly enjoyed the book (except the ending which I won’t spoil but I’m pretty sure King just got sick of writing and just said screw it) and am very interested in seeing how they will adapt this book to TV as a series.

Under the Dome will premiere on CBS on June 24.