Boy Bands vs Zombies

dead 7

Just when you thought that all the zombie movie ideas have been done. Along comes a new idea from the makers of Sharknado to remind you that no, there is still plenty of material out there.

What happens when zombies invade the old west? Well, you call a boy band to save the day. One boy band? No. That is not going to get the job done. You need two boy bands. ¬†Wait. If two boy bands are good, wouldn’t even more boy bands be even gooder? The answer is yes.

Backstreet’s back alright. Along with the boys, we get a double dose of 90s hair and girl you know I love you zombie killing with N-Sync coming along for the ride as well. Well most of N-Sync. You know that Timberlake isn’t going to show up for this project. ¬†Rounding out the boy band cast are fellas from O-Town and 98 Degrees. We’ve got them all in this movie written and produced by boy band alum Nick Carter.

The trailer for Dead 7 was released recently and frankly, I can’t wait to see this. They’ve got me hooked.

Check out the trailer for Dead 7:

Dead 7 Trailer

Oh my god. This looks incredible. First, how has this not been done before. I feel that as a culture, we are really lacking in creativity that we haven’t done a 90s boy band reunion coupled with zombie killing in the old west. Sure we have advanced in medicine and technology and all that but the true mark of a society is in how their boy bands are utilized. We have obviously failed as a culture. Our cultural comeback begins with Dead 7. It’s our apology to the boy bands who have been totally underutilized.

Dead 7 will premiere on Syfy April 1 at 7pm. I am telling you. Do not miss this.

dead 7

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  1. I bet Joey Fatone is the first to die.

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