Bones – Shot From The Skull

Let me start by saying that I like this show.  We are also not here to discuss the fact that the show suffers from TED MOSBY SYNDROME, you know where the lead character (in this case Bones) is incredibly annoying but the show’s supporting cast is so good that you watch the show anyway.

No, today’s annoyance is how tonight’s episode was shot from the perspective of the skull.  Yes, you read that right.  That basic gist is that the spirit of the person who died (the show is called BONES so there’s always a dead person) had not crossed over, whatever that means.  So the entire episode was shot as if the dead person’s skull were the camera.  That led to an entire episode of the characters speaking directly into the camera.  It was exhausting.

Hart Hansen, creator and executive producer, told TV Guide, “I’ve always wanted to write this crazy episode where the skull is the camera, and we see everything from the victim’s point of view. ”

I kid you not, I did not edit this quote.  I have talked about this before, where a show thinks it has to do something crazy.  I’ve said it before and I’ll apparently have to say it again – stop it.  We are all busy and have a lot of things going on in our lives.  It’s getting close to Christmas, the Mayans are threatening to end the world, and if that were not enough, we are all about to fall off some fiscal cliff.

We started this website oh so many months ago (2) to make sure that Hollywood understands how regular Americans feel about their antics.  Do you think the #1 show on CBS, NCIS would try to pull something like this?  Of course they wouldn’t because they understand what most of us want – simple and easy to follow story lines with resolutions at the end.

So to Hart Hansen, get over yourself.  Your show isn’t the Mona Lisa, it’s a freaking basic who dunnit cop show.  Otherwise, keep up the good work, I generally enjoy your show.