Black Sails – Things Are Looking Good

Black-Sails-FINAL-Key-Art-STARZSTARZ might very well be doing for pirate lore what GAME OF THRONES and HBO has done for the medieval times.  BLACK SAILS is the next big show currently in development for the network brought to you by JON STEINBERG (JERICHO) and produced by MICHAEL BAY.  It follows Captain Flint and his pirates two decades before the happenings in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel TREASURE ISLAND.

Just today it was pre-emptively renewed for a second season based on early (extremely positive) comic-con reaction even though it doesn’t actually premiere until January.  STARZ has been known to be renewal-happy in the past and pulled a similar move with MAGIC CITY which has been a mixed bag thus far.  Their standard formula is to give a show two seasons minimum before assessing its effectiveness, although one look at the trailers for BLACK SAILS shows an extremely expansive show with a ton of production value, so I can only hope it lives up to the hype.

Dropping SPARTACUS and replacing with DA VINCI’S DEMONS, the soon-to-premiere WHITE QUEEN (picked up from BBC), the currently running MAGIC CITY, next year’s OUTLANDER and January’s BLACK SAILS means that STARZ is putting together a pretty solid slate of original programming to make it a can’t-miss choice in premium cable.

Head inside for the official trailer for BLACK SAILS and one of the cast interviews from SDCC 2013.