Big Bang Theory Delayed

Big Bang Theory delayed

Uh oh. All is not wonderful in nerd world. It seems that production on season 8 of Big Bang Theory has been delayed due to 5 cast members holding out for higher salaries.  Stars Jim ParsonsJohnny GaleckiKaley CuocoSimon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have not yet reached a new deal with studio Warner Bros. Television.

Parsons, Galecki, and Cuoco are negotiating together and are each looking for very hefty raises. The trio were set to earn around $325,000 per episode for season 8 but they are not happy with that number. They are asking for a reported $1 million per episode which would make them the highest paid performers on TV. Helberg and Nayyar are also negotiating together and are asking for significant raises but I don’t know their amounts. Trust that whatever they are asking for that it is a shocking sum to do a show like Big Bang Theory.  Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch both had already signed deals giving them significant raises which BTW is completely justified because adding those two characters completely saved this show.

I’ve not made a secret of having lost my love of Big Bang Theory some time ago. I know that it is the #1 rated show on TV with over 20 million viewers per week but I just don’t get it. How many more times can we see the same thing happen? Nerds are awkward around girls. Hilarious. We get it. But that’s it. That’s the show. Take that premise and shake it up 100 different ways and spit out a new situation but it will come down to that. Oh and Sheldon will hilariously misinterpret some situation because Aspbergers is hilarious.

Putting Howard in space was a sign that they are running out of story lines. Having him marry Bernadette is another. This show is stale yet the ratings continue to be huge. It doesn’t help me raise my opinion on the American TV watching public nor my opinion of CBS in general.

Since we know they are going to get the money and there will be a season 8, 9, and 10 (they got renewed for 3 more seasons). Let me predict the upcoming story lines.

1. Sheldon goes to 2nd base with Amy. Amy continues to whine about being horny.

2. Leonard and Penny break up (I don’t know if they are back together right now or broken up so my initial position will be this one).

3. Howard and Bernadette have a baby and uh oh, Howard is totally unprepared.

4. Leonard and Penny fight with each other about dating other people and we begin to see that they will get back together soon.

5. Leonard and Penny get back together. The audience ooooh’s when they kiss.

6. Sheldon goes to 3rd base but misunderstands the base system instead inventing his own system to measure sexual progress with guest star Neil deGrasse Tyson whom Sheldon regularly insults for being a pop culture scientist and not a real scientist like Sheldon. Oh that Sheldon.

7. Kuthrapali will do something. Everyone knows he’s not really funny and that his not being able to talk to women while sober thing has run it’s course but the writers don’t know what to do with him.

8. Amy will convince Sheldon that the world has ended and the only way for humanity to survive is to repopulate the earth so they have sex. Sheldon then discovers Amy’s fib and the hilarity ensues.

9. Leonard will break up with Penny because for some reason he thinks 4 foot tall troll-like men have a realistic chance of ever finding a woman as hot as Penny (this is the TV world so you have to believe it too).

10. Leonard realizes he was wrong and again completely emasculates himself to try to get her back.

11. Leonard and Penny get married. Sheldon does something whacky that makes us all think that this wedding isn’t going to happen but then, it does, and the audience oooooh’s at their vows.

12. Bernadette has a misunderstanding with Howard’s mom. Oh those two. Why can’t they just see how similar they are?

13. The gang goes to Comic Con because hey, they are nerds and nerds do that stuff. They will get dressed in studio-quality costumes but there will be some kind of mishap that makes it so no matter how much they want to go, they never quite get in to Comic Con. Those poor nerds.

14. The gang will go to Hawaii because that’s what all shows do when they run out of story lines and start sucking as hard as this one does.

15. Leonard and Penny break up. Wait. No they get back together. No wait. Which one did they do last time? I don’t even know any more. No one knows. The writers are phoning it in at this point.


I think I’ve given them a good two seasons worth of material there. Be sure to check back to cross them off when you see the episodes air in season 8.

Big Bang Theory delayed