Best Superbowl Commercials 2013

urlAfter an extremely long Superbowl game that seemed to consist of more blackout than game time, and now in honor of the presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy, I want to crown the best Superbowl commercial of 2013.

Let me start by saying that the commercials this year were largely piss-poor.  Go Daddy, for instance was downright uncomfortable (especially the psoriasis and smacking sounds) while I thought that Bud Light’s Stevie Wonder voodoo commercials were pretty darn lame.  Coke didn’t do anything at all minus their “race for the Coke” one-off with no updates through the game as there should have been.  Pepsi did nothing at all minus sponsoring the halftime show.  Doritos had a screaming goat and some crossdressing guys, but it felt like it had all been seen before.

So which ones made the cut?  There were more than a couple of keepers here.  Hit the jump to find out!

Honorable Mentions:

Oreo and their library fight.


The Rock getting milk.  I feel this to be an average Tuesday morning in Dwayne Johnson’s world.


Hyundai putting the team together.  Is that kid benching 355?  With ease.


Etrade Baby.  Just when I though this was getting old as hell, they throw in a funny new twist at the end.  Running with the bulls!!


THIRD PLACE:  Taco Bell featuring old men and spanish-Fun:


SECOND PLACE:  Kia’s Babyland


FIRST PLACE:  The first freaking commercial of the night:  M&M’s!!  “It hurts, but I kinda like it”… the line of the night.


Best Commercial that wasn’t necessarily meant to be funny:

Mercedes Benz deal-with-the-devil.  Willem Dafoe is awesome in general, and the rest of the commercial is done very well with some Stones music to boot.


Worst Superbowl Commercial:

Hands down with the Gangnam Style Pistachios.  I don’t often wish death upon people, but Psy really needs to stop what he’s doing.  Immediately.


Most Racist Superbowl Commercial:

Volkswagen with their Jamacian white guy.  Forget the people hemming and hawing about the Coke commercial with the middle easterners, seriously Volkswagen?  And I’m not all that sensitive to such things.  This one just struck me as awfully bad taste:


So there we have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Put in your two cents below!