The Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

best commercials of super bowl xlix

Well, I didn’t get my wish. I was hoping that there would be some way for both teams to lose the game, but I guess there wasn’t a way for that to happen. At least Pete Carroll is sad so that’s something.

So what did you all think of the commercials? I know that every year people go on and on about how this was the worst year ever so you won’t hear that from me. Overall, I thought they were ok. There were some decidedly dark commercials this year and some that I was surprised were put up during the prime Super Bowl time.  Here are the commercials that I thought were the best commercials of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

Turbo Tax – Boston Tea Party

George Washington giving the order to “back it up” worked for me. Not a bad commercial.


Fiat 500X – Viagra

I don’t know. I wasn’t blown away by this commercial but it did blow up on Facebook and Twitter. People did seem to think it was funny. I thought it went on for too long for a weak pay off of a joke but then I’m a comedy genius, so I’m hard to impress.


BMW I – Bryant and Katie

This was a pretty good commercial. It’s funny watching the clip from 20 years ago where two out of touch rich people discuss something they have no idea about. Firstly, let’s not pretend that the internet was this crazy unknown thing back in 1994. AOL was already out and people were getting on line. Those two were showing just how out of touch they were back then. It was not showing that the internet was so unknown.  It was a funny use of the old material though. I don’t think that the electric car and the internet can be compared though. Again, we know about electric cars.


Always – Like a Girl

I get what they were going for here. Girls are strong and can do anything boys can do yadda yadda. I get it. Here’s the thing though. They don’t want someone to say you throw like  girl then my suggestion is to not throw like a girl. Every girl they put in this commercial actually throws like a girl.


Snickers – Brady Bunch

Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi were great in this commercial. This was one of the funniest of the night although really, it wasn’t a hard title to win since this year seemed to be less about trying to be funny and more about trying to make people cry.


Esurance – Sorta Your Mom

I thought this one was great too. How about Lindsay Lohan poking some fun at herself? Awesome. “We’ve both clocked a lot of miles.” Fantastic.


Esurance – Say My Name

Esurance has two commercials on this list. This one with Bryan Cranston reprising his role from Breaking Bad blew up Twitter last night. Breaking Bad fans went nuts seeing their hero on the screen one last time.  I thought Esurance did a good job with their commercials. Funny and light. Let’s take a lesson from that Nationwide (they were the ones who killed kids in their commercial).


So that’s all I’m putting on my list for this year. I know many of you out there are going to disagree with me. No that Budweiser puppy commercial isn’t getting on my list because they played it 100 thousand times before the Super Bowl so I was already tired of it. I’m also not putting the Liam Neeson commercial on here even though the nerd world went crazy for it because I didn’t really think it was all that special other than having a guy with a very special set of skills starring in it.

I’m sure I have upset a bunch of you by omitting one of your favorite so be sure to tell me what an idiot I am on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet to remind us how not smart we all are. Oh you can also tell us which commercials you like too but this is the internet so I’m assuming you would rather insult us.

best commercials of super bowl xlix