The Best of Around the Web 1 12 14

best of around the web 1 12 14

best of around the web 1 12 14Calling all friends and people I met on the way down
Calling all friends and people I don’t even know
Calling on high I want to believe there’s a way now
I’m too tired to pretend I don’t want to be alone

– Low Stars

Today is one of those awful days in Chicago that really screws with you. It’s 40 degrees and sunny which makes it feel like spring. The problem? We still have 3 more months of winter ahead. Ah nature. Nice job. Here is the best of around the web 1 12 14.

  • Did you know Leah Michelle likes to wear thong bikinis?  I didn’t either but now you know and knowledge is power.  (Drunken Stepfather)
  • Great job, MICHAEL BAY.  You effectively “Transformered” your future speaking engagements.  An inoperable telepromptor is not excuse to flub a speech… just ask the POTUS.  (The Verge)
  • Perhaps EVANDER HOLYFIELD should attend the Henry Rollins’ School of Sensitivity Training with what he had to say on the UK version of CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER.  Go big or go home, that’s what I always say.  If you’re going to say something offensive, you might as well offend gays and the disabled in one fell swoop.  Let’s see you try to punch your way out of this one, bro. (TMZ Sports)
  • We know what links you click on the most and with that in mind, here’s a list ofcelebs who posed nude in print.  (Celeb Buzz)
  • The timing of this is quite suspect but am I the only one who thinks it’s weird thatEmma Watson is now single just as King Of The Nerds is about to start again.  We all know she’s considered the nerd queen.  (Celeb Slam)
  • Nothing like 20/20 hindsight… FARRAH ABRAHAM (aka Mother of the Year Award winner 4 years running) finally admits that last year’s sex tape ruined her life.  Funny, because I would think poor decision making skills and famewhoreism ruined her life.  Forest from the trees, people. (The Stir)
  • Want to know something that is a very bad idea? Getting in to a Twitter fight with someone who writes comedy for a living. Look what happens when Donald Trumptries to take on Danny Zucker who is a writer on Modern Family.
    (Next Impulse Sports)
  • I rode the trains working in Chicago for a while. I ran in to a lot of dummies on the trains, but never one like this. (Seriously OMG)
  • Look at these houses. I really need to win the lottery. (Classy Bro)


best of around the web 1 12 14Hot actress of the wwwk: Zuria Vega from the telanovela Un Refugio Para El Amor

(Plunder Guide)