Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

Well another Super Bowl has come and gone and given that the Chicago Bears weren’t in this game, we here at MWTVG didn’t much care about the outcome.  We watched the game tonight for the same reason most of the people watched, for the commercials.  Let’s talk about this year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials.  What did you think?  For me, it was an average year.  I didn’t see any commercials that would make my best ever list, but there were several that were pretty good.  There were a few head scratchers too that I am fascinated any company would pay $4 million or more for their spots.  Let’s get in to it.  Here are the best and worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2013:

The Best Commercials

The M&M commercial was funny and it had a Meatloaf cover and Naya Rivera from Glee.  Two things that together can never be wrong.


The commercial for the Toyota Rav 4 was also funny and they also had some winning ingredients.  Put Kaley Cuoco in to your commercial if you want to increase the chance of me watching and mistake a fat guy talking about his spare tire for the real spare tire on your car and I’m in.


If we ever get to the point where we put pictures of ourselves up here, you will see how much of a fan I am of Oreo’s.  This one just made me laugh.  I was surprised to see Oreo step up to buy an ad during the Super Bowl.


The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial was one of my favorites of the night.  As a bonus, it was also filmed here in Chicago so all the better.


The Doritos Goat for sale commercial was another of my favorites from the night.


Go Daddy ran two commercials tonight.  One, which will talk about later, was terrible.  This one redeemed them a bit and I laughed out lout at it.


This ad from Samsung about the next best thing came late in the game and was surprisingly funny for where it was placed (usually the best ads are in the first half of the game).  Starring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan (with support from Mr. Show’s Bob Odenkirk) who do another version of their hilarious scene in 40 Year Old Virgin making fun of each other.


I was really hoping that we got a follow-up commercial to this one from Audi where the girl leaves prom to go chase down our hero.  As it is, this was a good commercial on it’s own but I do think Audi missed a chance at something great.


Another surprise entry in the expensive commercial race from a company we wouldn’t expect to advertise during the Super Bowl, Tide comes in with a very funny commercial about worshipping a stain.


Doritos has been bringing the funny year after year in their Super Bowl spots and this year is no different.  This is their 2nd entry on my funniest Super Bowl commercial of 2013 list.  Who doesn’t like to watch dads doing silly things for their daughters even if their ulterior motive is to get more Doritos (which is also a good reason to play dress up)?


I loved this entry from Coca Cola.  It was a touching reminder that not all things in this world are bad.


Another of my favorite commercials of the night.  Deion Sanders as NFL draft phenom Leon Sandcastle.  Also, don’t tell me that he doesn’t look a bit like Steve Harvey either.


The Worst

This was far and away the worst commercial of the night.  I don’t know what Go Daddy was going for when they made this commercial but if disgust was on their list, then they nailed it.


After so many years on top of the great Super Bowl commercial list, it is hard to not have great expectations from the E*Trade baby.  In their defense, it is nearly impossible to live up to our expectations or to continue topping their previous commercials.  Their entry tonight wasn’t good.  The E*Trade baby can now officially be retired.


Wow do I hate Axe.  I’m not the only one.  Middle school and high school teachers everywhere hate Axe too because young boys all around the world fall victim to their commercials and believe that the more Axe they spray on, the more likely a girl will be to take their clothes off with them.  In this commercial, we are to believe that the girl saved by the god of a life guard will instead shun him for the nerd in a space suit (on the beach no less, not at all a weird place to be walking around in a space suit.  If you were an astronaut, would you really need to walk around in your space suit to advertise it to every one?  How insecure is that?) because he is wearing what we can only assume is 1/2 a bottle of Axe spray.


I don’t know where Kia is getting all the cash to buy these expensive Super Bowl commercials, but they seemed to have plenty of them running during the game tonight.  This one was just weird and not good at all.


Can we be sick of Amy Poehler already?  I’m getting there.  Coming off a very successful job of hosing the Golden Globes with her sugar momma Tina Fey, Poehler strikes out here with a strange ad for Best Buy.  When I think Amy Poehler, I know that electronic equipment and appliances are the first thing that come to my mind.  Great job picking the right branding message Best Buy.


What was the deal with the Calvin Klein ad?  Aside from the fact that it made me hate myself even more because I was burying my face in a plate of Super Bowl food, what was it doing here?  Did Calvin Klein really pay $4 million dollars to get women horny during the game?  That’s how it appears to me.


Well those are what I thought were the best and the worst of the Super Bowl commercials of 2013.  The ones I didn’t mention were just blah to me and didn’t really deserve to be on either list.  I’m sure that some of you disagree with me and given the other commercials, there is much room for disagreement.  Be sure to let me know which ones you liked and which you hated.

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  1. I have done some additional investigation, and while I can’t definitively confirm this fact, it has to be the MLK Jr Bridge in St. Louis. Budweiser is based in St Louis so it would make sense. There is no way that is Chicago. Now I don’t know what to think. Maybe their beer is bad too?

    • Midwest Mike // February 4, 2013 at 8:03 pm //

      It seems weird to put a newspaper headline in the commercial on purpose saying that the Clydesdales were going to be in Chicago. Why diss their home city like that? It doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Okay, my boss and I are arguing about this now — how do you know that the Clydesdale commercial was filmed in Chicago? I’ve gone through the commercial a couple times and I don’t recognize the street the parade is one, nor does the skyline look right as he’s driving in, but maybe I’m just not getting the right perspective?

    • Midwest Mike // February 4, 2013 at 10:54 am //

      Hi Erica,

      To be honest, I hadn’t paid that much attention and was suckered by the newspaper headline in the commercial. I went back to watch this commercial and you might be right. The skyline isn’t right. I’m trying to think where that bridge might be that would give him a view of the skyline that doesn’t include either the Willis Tower or the Hancock building. Also, I don’t know where that street is in the city. If you see in the parade, there is a liberty bell sign in the group behind the Clydesdales leading me to believe this might be in Philadelphia. I searched on the internet and there is no mention of where this commercial was filmed.

      You have now put me on a mission to find out. I’ve sent an email to Budweiser asking them and as soon as I get a reply, if any, I’ll let you know so you can settle the argument with your boss.

      • Thanks! I assumed it was in Chicago too — the first time I saw it, my fleeting impression of the street scenes was that it looked like it — it was only upon re-watching that it didn’t look right. Although I thought the liberty bell was a balloon or float?

  3. Julie Cooper // February 4, 2013 at 7:13 am //

    Good lists, Midwest Mike! Much better list than Midwest Mark (Sorry!!). I would add the Paul Harvey Ram commercial as one of the best as far as enjoyment and makes me miss PH. I also really dig the Calvin Klein commercial.

    • Midwest Mike // February 4, 2013 at 7:32 am //

      I’m not hearing from many women who didn’t like the Calvin Klein ad. Seems they hit that one out of the park with the female audience. I didn’t put the Paul Harvey commercial on my list because I had no idea who that commercial was for. I thought it was a message from the farm council or something. As a Dodge commercial, it was a terribly spent $4 million dollars.

      • Julie Cooper // February 4, 2013 at 8:31 am //

        You know, Midwest Mike, we women are bombarded with ads and images ALL THE TIME of skinny, large-breasted, pretty, young women. That you guys have to endure one stinkin’ commercial showing a mostly naked man who resembles a Greek God and it makes you guys hate *yourselves* for a change, makes me smile.

  4. Midwest Mark // February 3, 2013 at 11:18 pm //

    Interesting that our lists were not very similar at all. I would disagree with you that the ETrade baby would be on the “bad” list… I thought his pictures near the end were pretty hilarious. But yes, that godaddy commercial was downright disgusting. And it happened right when I was in the middle of eating. Not a good combination…

    • Midwest Mike // February 4, 2013 at 7:33 am //

      It’s good to have the two perspectives on the commercials. While I often think it, mine is not the only opinion out there…

  5. Midwest Melissa // February 3, 2013 at 11:11 pm //

    I agree with you on all of them expect Best Buy. I find Amy funny, found the commercial funny and thought they were smart to aim at the power buying demographic of women watching the game, which is a large part of the audience. I’m in the market for a TV and a computer or iPad this year, and I will be buying it at Best Buy.

    • Midwest Mike // February 4, 2013 at 7:34 am //

      I think she’s funny. I’ve been a fan of hers from the Upright Citizens Brigade, a show that almost no one has heard of and even fewer watched. I just think this one was a miss.

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