Behind the Candelabra

behind the candelabraHBO is known for being on the cutting edge of TV and they are not failing to live up to their reputation with a timely Liberace movie.  Just 26 short years since the death of Liberace, someone (HBO) has finally had the courage to tell his story.  Based on the 1988 book (again, timely material) by Scott Thorson, Behind the Candelabra is an auto-biographical account of Thorson’s time with the famous performer Liberace.

Can  you tell from the picture who’s starring in this movie?  No?  Michael Douglas, who’s last good role was playing Mr. Catherine Zeta Jones, will play Liberace and WTF am I doing here Matt Damon will play Scott Thorson.  If there is any reason to watch this (any fans Liberace had are all either dead or too old to have HBO) it’s to see if they make Matt Damon kiss Michael Douglas.

If you are interested, and I am because I love a good train wreck, Behind the Candelabra will air on HBO (of which I am now a proud big-boy subscriber) on May 26 at 8:00.  Here’s the trailer:


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  1. Makes it so I can’t wait for The Pat Sajak Story – Behind the Letters

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