Beck Bennett, I Bet you Didn’t Know His Name

it's not complicatedI have mixed feelings about AT&T’s It’s Not Complicated series of commercials.  On the one hand, AT&T violates my rule about putting kids with speech impediments on TV.  On the other hand, the adult star of these commercials is very funny.  I’m torn.  I really hate the kids, but I love the guy so, I was doing some research on these commercials to see what others thought about them and I found out something very interesting about the adult star, his name is Beck Bennett and he is from Chicago.

beck bennett

Beck is from the Chicago suburb of Winnetka and is a 2003 graduate of New Trier High School.  He’s a 2007 graduate of USC and has already been a big star on You Tube with the comedy troupe he formed “Good Neighbor”.  The group has been so popular, that they have signed a production deal for a new TV show this fall that is being produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.  Here’s the video that shot Beck and his group to fame:


Beck Bennett is clearly a rising star.  The AT&T commercials (which BTW are directed by Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island), are the most popular commercials AT&T has ever had.  They are currently shooting another series of commercials even as we speak.  The best part (or worst part if you hate child actors) is that the commercials are improvised.  Beck has said that the commercials initially had scripts but that everything that has made it to the air has been completely improvised.  While this leads to the disaster of the kid talking about the werewolf, or the kid talking about wanting more, that makes me contemplate hurling myself in to an active volcano, we also get the brilliance of Beck Bennett reacting to the crazy crap the kids say. I guess to get a bit of genius, we have to put up with the torture of child actors and I’m ok with it as long as we get to see more of Beck’s reactions.


We here at MWTVG are fans of midwest actors and we love to promote their activities.  We’ll be looking forward to Beck Bennett in The Good Neighbor Show which will most likely be airing on Comedy Central this fall.



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