Battle of the Network Stars

The pseudo feud between FOX and ABC over diving shows got me thinking about a way to effectively and officially solve the problem.  The only rational choice is to settle this BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS style.

You know, two men enter, one man leave.  Wait, that might be Thunderdome, which would be awesome also, but not the point.

No, the point is we need to put together a ridiculous over the top competition pitting our favorite network stars against each other.  And this time I mean actual stars, not the DANCING WITH THE STARS that I’ve never heard of stars.

Here is a clip from 1976.  Check out all the true stars that used to participate in this show.  For god’s sake Penny Marshall and Ron Howard were involved in this.

Out of the gate, CBS would have to be a favorite as they have stars from SURVIVOR and THE AMAZING RACE giving them an advantage in physical challenges.  FOX would probably be the underdog as its reality stars can only sing, which when you’re stranded on an island is a surprisingly useless skill.

I haven’t really thought out what events the show would have, but I definitely want to see the stars attempt ABC’s WIPEOUT course.  I don’t think any star could survive the course’s “big balls”.  Oh, and somehow Chuck Norris has to be involved.