Bangs Are Bad Mkay

Bang BangA couple of days ago during my review of Mom on CBS, I stated that Anna Faris looks terrible with bangs.  In fact all women everywhere look bad with bangs.  I thought I was pretty clear on this point – bangs are bad mkay.

I know, I know I just posted this earth shaking revelation a few days ago and I should allow woman who have been duped by their hairdresser or Super Cuts stylists into thinking bangs looked good some time to make an appointment to get it fixed.

Nope.  This is just too important an issue.  Female celebrities need to stay out of the public eye until they can get their hair fixed.  I think it’s such an important issue that the FCC might want to start fining networks that air programming featuring women with bangs.

I’m not saying we have to go crazy here and make these woman wear burkhas in public until such time as they can get it resolved, but maybe we should.  I know it’s extreme, but this is celebrity fashion and we are dealing with truly important first world problem here.

So today’s Public Bangs Enemy #1 is… Beth Behrs

Here she is with and without bangs.  Do you see what I mean.  And I know I just risked an FCC fine by posting this picture of her with bangs, but somebody has to start the revolution.


Beth Behrs 2Beth Behrs


For awhile I had thought maybe she didn’t look that bad.  Then I realized, she’s always standing next to Kat Dennings and when that happens, nobody is looking at Beth’s bangs.  And I know she’s playing a trailer trash waitress on her show so maybe bangs would be acceptable.
See no.  That’s just offensive to regular trailer trash waitresses without bangs.

So let’s do what we must until Beth Behrs loses the bangs.  Maybe somebody should start a petition at