The Bachelor 2014 Week 8

bachelor 2014 week 8

bachelor 2014 week 8Can  you believe we are this close to the end? It’s been quite a journey hasn’t it? The Bachelor 2014 week 8 episode that takes Juan Pa on hometown visits with the 4 remaining potential future Bachelorettes.

We know from previews that there is going to be the typical pretend drama of the families seemingly not accepting the decisions their daughters are making and I’ll say now that I’m not falling for ABC’s editing.  We’ll see though. Come along for the ride as I discuss The Bachelor 2014 week 8 – Juan Pa on the loose.

The First Hometown Visit

nikki bachelor 2014 week 8Nikki gets the first hometown date which takes Juan Pa to Kansas City. KC is a great city. My grandma lives there and our family is from the area so I know a lot about KC. The funniest thing so far about this date is how out of place Juan Pa was in a BBQ joint. Of course that guy has no idea about BBQ. You can’t have 6-pack abs and eat BBQ. You can’t have 6-pack abs and eat anything that tastes good so I wasn’t surprised at how Juan Pa responded to the delicious ribs. They looked like St. Louis style ribs to me though and those are the minor leagues of ribs. If Juan Pa wants the good stuff, throw a rack of baby backs on the grill.

Another point. Are the homes that these people visit really the homes of the families? Do you have to be rich to get on the Bachelor or Bachelorette? Every hometown visit goes to a house that looks like a model home. I’d like to see them have to go to the other side of the tracks at least once on this show.

Nikki’s parents seemed like really nice people. Her dad seems like he is reasonable and he gives Juan Pa his blessing. Remember though he is giving Juan Pa his blessing if it doesn’t work out with the other 3 women who are caught in Juan Pa’s net. I don’t understand how any parent can think this process is a good idea other than the paycheck for appearing on the show must sooth a lot of angry nerves.


The Second Hometown Visit

andi bachelor 2014 week 8District Attorney Andi gets the second hometown visit which takes Juan Pa to the city of Atlanta. Andi surprises Juan Pa with a trip to a gun range to show off some typical southern stereotypes. Andi was a pretty good shot. I couldn’t tell the range she was shooting at, but her groupings were pretty tight. I didn’t like her form with the M4 but hey, that’s just me. Juan Pa has never shot a gun before and it showed. Like he said, it’s not as easy as it looks. It takes training and practice to get good but hey Juan Pa, that’s part of the fun. You weren’t a good kisser your first time out were you?

Andi’s dad has been assigned the role of skeptic by the Bachelor producers. He apparently doesn’t know how this whole thing works and acts like he was just finding out about it even though I’m sure the whole family was very involved with this show once Andi found out she was being cast.

Andi’s dad is not buying in to this at all. Again, he has known all along what this was so I don’t really buy his act, but I do think that his questions and concerns are the same that any sane person would be having who does not exist in the world where people meet on reality TV dating shows.

Did you notice how Andi and Juan Pa were dancing? Why was Andi acting like Juan Pa has the plague? She was very awkward and wasn’t in close to him like you would expect to see with two people who claim to be very close to each other. I am an expert at reading body language and the language being exhibited by Andi during that strange dance was not good for their relationship.

Andi’s dad handled his conversation with Juan Pa the best I’ve seen from any family member I’ve seen in all my 1 3/4 seasons of watching The Bachelor. His skepticism might not have been assigned by ABC.

I think Andi is the leading choice to be the next Bachlorette.

The Third Hometown Visit

renee bachelor 2014 week 8Renee gets the third hometown visit which takes Juan Pa all the way to Sarasota, FLA. The date starts by going to a little league game for Renee’s son, Ben. What is the deal with Ben’s team all out on the field going through pregame warm-ups while Ben is chilling in the outfield with his mom. Not cool ABC. If I were Ben’s coach, he’d be riding the pines for today’s game. You warm up with your team big guy.

This was a very uneventful date. Renee’s family is kind of boring, well not kind of. I’m guessing they are very boring if ABC chose to not really put any of them on the air. My hope is that it wasn’t from being boring. I hope that the family members who didn’t get air time asked to not be associated with the show.

Not a whole lot happened really on this date. Renee seems pretty solid and she’s been one of my favorites the whole season. There hasn’t been any drama from her really this season. She has just been pretty normal. If she doesn’t get picked by Juan Pa, she’s going home because I don’t think she’ll be the next Bachelorette. I think she’s a bit too boring for that.


The Fourth Hometown Visit

clare bachelor 2014 week 8The final hometown visit of the night involved crazy cat lady Clare which takes Juan Pa to Sacremento, CA. This is the visit that ABC has been teasing all night. Big fireworks are expected from Clare’s family who ABC makes it look like her family hates the entire idea of this show. I wouldn’t be surprised if her family acts like a bunch of nut jobs during Juan Pa’s visit because Clare has been one of the craziest women on the show. It would only make sense that her family be crazy too.

Clare’s bio sheet says that she is 32. I’d like to see some ID on her because she acts like she is 22. I think the actual 22 year old that was on the show was more mature than Clare. She acts like a little girl. I don’t know what Juan Pa sees in her. He must be attracted to crazy and it must work for Clare because if it didn’t attract men, she wouldn’t do it.

Clare’s hometown visit starts off a bit differently than everyone else’s. She chose to talk about her dead father to start the date. I know this is a big part of her life and I know shes a woman but as a guy, this kind of a conversation makes me terribly uncomfortable. I don’t want to have this conversation even if I’ve known you for 20 years. If I’ve only known you for 20 days, my crazy radar would be melting down.

We get the staged one on one conversation between Clare and her sister for some reason and not her mom and OMG, Clare is crying. Is there a time this chick doesn’t cry?

ABC was saving the drama for the last. Now we get to Clare’s mom and what appears to be her oldest sister. This is where all the angry clips come from so we know this meeting isn’t going to go well. What did I just say earlier about Clare? That she acts like she’s 22? How right was I? Parents I’m sure you’ve all heard this at one point “you don’t know how I feel.” I love it. She’s making arguments like a teenager.

This conversation is totally crazy. Is Clare’s mom incapable of talking? Why was the oldest sister speaking for her? They never show the mom ever talking at all. I think we have a pretty good understanding of where Clare’s crazy comes from. What was the deal with the mom? Seriously that was nuts.

And Clare’s crying.

This isn’t over either. Clare’s date time seems to be as long as all the other hometown visits combined. Juan Pa has to meet with the mom/sister combo and again mom doesn’t say a word. Now I find myself not caring at all what anyone is talking about. I want to know what is going on with the mom.

Oh my God the mom talks! So the oldest daughter goes away and the mom starts talking. Is that the hallmark of an abusive relationship? I think that the oldest daughter is somehow controlling the mom. She didn’t say a word when the oldest daughter was around but as soon as she left, she was a chatter box. I think that the mom might be a prisoner in her own home. I’m going to go back through the tape and watch to see if Clare’s mom is blinking any messages to us in morse code.

So this is pretty typical of ABC to show all kinds of dramatic clips to make it seem like the home visits all went terribly and that everyone’s families are against the star crossed lovers. While Clare’s visit was crazy, it wasn’t nearly as bad as ABC made it out to be in the 15,934 commercials they ran for this week’s episode.

The Rose Ceremony

renee bachelor 2014 week 8












Renee was eliminated tonight and really, compared to the rest of the women, it’s not a huge surprise. The hometown date was kind of boring and it seemed more like they were friends than a couple on the verge of getting married. She was one I had picked as a favorite way back at the start of the season and she made it to the final four so not bad. I don’t think she is going to be the Bachelorette though as she is too even-keeled to get her own reality show.


Well there you have it. Part 1 of The Bachelor 2014 week 8 is all done. There are just 3 women left and another 2 hours of torture on tap for tomorrow. Who is your favorite? Who do you think Juan Pa will be choosing and who do you think is the next Bachelorette?