The Bachelor 2014 Week 2

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bachelor 2014 week 2The Bachelor 2014 week 2. I can’t believe I’m only 2 weeks in to this show. There is forever left in this season. I’m never going to make it. Why can’t good shows get 3 hours a week? Why does this show get 3 hours? Well I didn’t watch whatever that was on Sunday because frankly ABC, the Monday night programming is all I have the strength for. Even then, 2 hours!!! WTF??? Ladies, if you watch this show and are not watching it ironically, what do you watch for? How does this show not drive you crazy? Well you must love it to put in the time commitment needed to watch The Bachelor. Since I’m watching it for you the fans, let’s discuss Week 2.

The First Date

bachelor 2014 week 2Clare gets the first solo date with dreamy Juan Pablo where she is taken to some kind of winter replica in Southern California. First let me say this as I sit here suffering through another Chicago winter, the fact that there is a place where people in CA can go to pretend to be in winter is hysterical. It reminds me of this video of how sensitive people in CA are to cold weather. It always makes me laugh.

One of the funniest things said the entire night came from Clare before her date. She was explaining how she hasn’t been dating because she doesn’t go to bars and she isn’t an online dating girl. Huh? So you think online dating is beneath you but you are plenty ready to go on a reality dating show to find “love”? In fairness, I don’t think she would have a shot at getting her own TV show if she just did it like everyone else and went on one of the many internet dating sites.

So,Clare and Juan Pablo are on their date then and Clare wastes absolutely no time pulling out the “I have the worst back story of anyone here” card. Her dad died and she says she is incapable then of having any relationship. Now I have lost a parent so I won’t say that it isn’t a tough thing to deal with but to pull it out on reality TV? Seems fake to me and it seems calculated to manipulate Juan Pablo. Her manipulation worked though and soon she and Juan Pablo were in the hot tub getting very friendly and she earned herself an early rose. If the first date is any indication, Juan Pablo is going to be a very busy guy this season. Ladies, how do you feel about that?

The Second Date

bachelor 2014 week 2The second date went to one of the women I picked as one of my favorites to win it all, Kat. I know I’ve been quite cynical towards the Bachelor but I have to say, the date with Kat and Juan seemed genuine and like it was probably pretty fun. I don’t know if it’s because Kat is one of my favorites or if it’s because Juan is so dreamy, but they did seem to have some chemistry on the date and I thought it went pretty well for Kat. She showed herself to be a pretty fun lady who is also very pretty. My feeling that she is one of the favorites to win.


The Group Date

Anything positive that I was starting to think about this show after the date with Kat and Juan was all washed away with the group date. The group date with a gaggle of women turned out to be a photo shoot for charity. The girls had to dress in different costumes and I have to say that this seemed designed to humiliate the women as much as possible. I don’t know if this was a Survivor challenge or a date on The Bachelor. I don’t know what they had Kelly dressed as but she looked ridiculous and the fire hydrant costume? Come on. Those pale in comparison though to the ones who had to go nude for the photo shoot. The producers obviously chose who was dressed in what outfits and who had to go nude and their nude choices had to be completely calculated. Picked to go nude were Andi and Elise. Andi is the assistant DA and Elise is a first grade school teacher. Both of these women have a lot to protect and doing nude photo shoots probably isn’t going to be beneficial to their careers. ABC of course knows this and I’m sure they were chosen to see if they would do it. Again, I don’t know how people watch this show unless you enjoy watching people humiliate themselves for your entertainment.

The Drama

bachelor 2014 week 2One of the girls had a bit too much to drink after the group date and kind of lost control of herself. ┬áLost control is a bit of an understatement. Victoria turned in to the kind of girl that just about everyone hates. A drunk drama queen. She did not make herself look very good and at one point was threatening to leave the show. The producers were on set and were not trying to talk her out of leaving which was not a good sign for her future on the show. Juan Pablo attempted to console her when she was crying in the bathroom, which of course won him all kinds of points with the other ladies, but Victoria was having none of it. Not surprisingly, Juan gave Victoria the boot the next morning. She tried explaining herself as being Brazilian (I had a Brazilian female employee once and let me confirm for the world, she was crazy too and one of the worst employees I’ve ever had. Sorry Brazil but I think your women are crazy), but Juan Pablo was having none of her explanation and sent her home even before the rose ceremony.

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