Babes On A Bus – AKA Help Us From Ourselves Mayans

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In what can only be a signal that the Mayans are truly correct, FOX has ordered up a new show called BABES ON A BUS.

Look, there are some ridiculous shows that have recently been green lighted.  But those shows were not on major networks like FOX.

So the basic premise is that 10 women will be hitting the road traveling the country looking for Mr. Right.

It’s unclear whether this is some type of elimination show where the women perform ridiculous tasks to get super secret immunity (which on this show is actually just penicillin) or something else entirely.  Does it really matter?  It’s got 10, what I assume will be well adjusted, attractive from a distance women on a bus.

I’m guessing FOX sees the major endorsement opportunities with this show.  I have some rough ideas on some sponsor opportunities:

  • Obviously GREYHOUND would have to be one of the sponsors.  Would really put new meaning into the just take a ride on us theme.
  • STAPLES could somehow get involved.  I’m thinking every time a guy steps off the bus after hooking up with one of the women, he has to say, “That Was Easy.”
  • If they are on the road, they have to stop by a BIG BOY.  Challenge the women to find the local town’s “Big Boy” if you know what I mean.
  • I’m thinking ORBIT GUM would want in somehow.  All that time on the road and all the different men in and out of the bus has got to give the women a bad case of dirty mouth.

Those of just some of the great opportunities that exist out there.  I welcome your thoughts and insights into other possible marketing opportunities.  If I get any good ones, I will be sure to pass them along to the good people over at FOX, that is if we survive December 22nd.

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  1. Marketing opportunity: Whenever a babe becomes annoying, they throw her under the bus.

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