Classic Commercials – Wrigley’s Gum

wrigleys_gumWe here at MWTVG love commercials.  Not every commercial of course, as 99% of them are instant fast-forwardable garbage.  But every so often commercials come along that are so memorable (for better or for worse) that they beg to be commented on.  Good examples being the Usell commercials and Dewars’ Angus commercials which have single handedly (or single maltedly?) upped MIDWEST MIKE’S scotch intake by an exponential factor.

So let’s go back a bit, shall we?  The 80’s and 90’s were such a great time for wonderfully cheesy commercials.  I could probably still remember all the lyrics from most of them.  I want to remind you of a few great ones that all revolve around gum.  Wrigley’s was totally on it’s ‘A’ game in the 80’s/early 90’s and thoroughly advertised its gum as the cure to each and every social ill.  No girlfriend?  Big Red.  Don’t know how to ski?  Juicy Fruit.  Don’t currently have a twin but want one anyway?  Doublemint.

Does this all ring some bells?  Head inside to watch and reminisce!

Juicy Fruit

What is more memorable than the funky/awful taste of Juicy Fruit?  The 80’s commercial jingle!  I have never actually gone skiing before, but if I ever find myself suddenly back in 1984 with a set of skis, I will damn well be chewing Juicy Fruit in the process.  Rewatching this for the first time in 25 years, it is important to carefully deconstruct the lyrics.

“Take a sniff / pull it out / the taste is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth”

Today it would be banned by the FCC for sure.


Doublemint Gum

Speaking of suggestive commercials, take this one from 1985.  Are you kidding me?


Yet another Doublemint gum commercial.  Because chewing Doublemint makes you OCD and repeat everything twice.  Because chewing Doublemint makes you OCD and repeat everything twice (see what I did there?  Ironically, I’m chewing Doublemint right now!)


Now for the standard that I am most fond of starring TIA and TAMARA from SISTER SISTER (as well as every other set of twins known to Wrigley at the time)


Big Red

I see a common thread with a lot of these Wrigley’s commericals.  Gum does not just equal gum, gum equals a whole lot of sex.  On a side note, what is that awesome looking gum with the giant white stripe that they hold up in the beginning??  I would really like to chew it.


Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum

Because the 80’s also saw the advent of the personal computer, why not have the computer enjoy gum too?


Funny to note that Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum suddenly turned into the smoker’s gum in the early 90’s.  Perhaps a precursor to Nicorette?



Now the specialty gum for when you’re old and/or have dentures.  But not only does it not stick to your dental work, it also moistens your mouth!  Just listen to how they cheerfully sing about Freedent moistening your mouth.  Am I the only one who vomited a little?



is much muuuch cooooooler!  What’s the temperature inside your mouth?  Who cares.  How about the fact that your mouth smells like 2-hour old Chipotle?  I would consider that a much more compelling reason to chew Winterfresh



What’s the name of this gum again?  What was that?  I don’t  think you mentioned it at all in your jingle.  Let’s freaking windsurf.


Big League Chew

Somehow still existing, Big League Chew made the idea of chewing tobacco much more accessible to an impressionable generation.  I still really dig the grape… unfortunately it loses flavor in about three chomps.


Bonus Commercial:  90’s Fruit Stripes Gum

This has the early 90’s written all over it.  From the hip hop music to the claymation aliens to the Vanilla Ice hairdo.  Enjoy.

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  1. This had to take forever to write. I felt a little weird after watching so many twins in commercials. I can only imagine how you felt when you were done

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