Awesome Freshman Sitcoms

Recently, three awesome freshman sitcoms had their season finales (drives me crazy as it’s not even April and they are done for the season).  I’d feel remiss if I didn’t highlight and discuss these special shows.  Each of the shows has been renewed for next season, so please add these to your DVR playlist.


The Neighbors

I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about this show.  What makes this show awesome is that it funny for the whole family.  While there are aliens, the show actually focuses on everyday family issues.  Well cast and well written, should be added to your DVR next season.


1600 Penn

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also skeptical about this show.  It focuses on the First Family but it’s really not about politics (not even sure if the President is Democrat or Republican).

Incredibly strong cast featuring Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman, and Josh Gad.  I have discussed this show with friends, and the consensus is that Jenna Elfman has never looked better or been funnier than in this show.  Another must add to your DVR playlist next season.


Go On

Since Friends, Matthew Perry hasn’t had the best luck (Mr Sunshine, Studio 60, and West Wing) but has hit gold with this show.

What makes this show go though is the supporting cast.  There are 4-5 characters that are each funny in their own right.  It gives the show so much flexibility.  Unlike The Larry David Show, which focuses on “George” from Seinfeld, whom I couldn’t stand.

Go On is arguably the best sitcom on TV right now, which is why I saved it for last.


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  1. Millerkiller // March 31, 2013 at 7:19 pm //

    1600 Penn and Go On have been great this season and can’t wait to keep them going. I’ve been very against the Neighbors after catching the first 10 minutes of the first episode, but may have to give it another try

    • It helps to watch The Neighbors with kids. In that first 10 minutes when the kids learn they are aliens and go screaming out of the house – my kids acted like they have never seen anything funnier. Some shows are better through the eyes of your kids and this is definitely one of those shows.

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