Attention Grabbing Headline: Arrow is Still Lame!!

I find myself to be an easily forgiving person (read:  mildly masochistic) and ARROW was about to delete itself from my DVR.  Wanting so badly to bury the hatchet I decided to give it another go.

Surprisingly enough, it was actually good.  For the first two minutes.  Until the very first line of non-narrated dialogue.  Noting a trend here, any period of 20 seconds or more without dialogue is where the show really shines before the soulless husks that call themselves “actors” take over and screw things up.

After (supposedly) killing his way though a building of henchmen for the third or fourth time, he confronts the next ‘bad businessman’ on his rooftop pool.  Just as Green Arrow is about to speak his mind, the baddie gets assassinated by somebody slightly badder… ‘DEADSHOT’ (lame.)

To go off on a slight tangent, let’s quickly compare Green Arrow to a much more famous DC character, Batman.  Batman is all about truth/justice and would rather have the bad guys rot in jail than give them the easy way out.  Green Arrow, on the other hand, kills everybody with the sole exception of the actual bad guy.  Those henchmen have families for crying out loud!  He isn’t so much a hero as he is a PTSD-induced psychopath.

But getting back to the episode, Oliver Queen decides to open up a nightclub right on top of his super secret Green Arrow HQ.  Because if you’re trying to keep a secret, it’s best to bring hundreds of moronic twenty-something nightclub types to stand on top of it.  Meanwhile his sister Thea gets deeper into her life of truancy, recreational drug use and petty larceny.  (perhaps she deserves an arrow through her head too??)  And it comes out that Oliver’s best friend Tommy (the goofy dimwit) has been sleeping with his ex-girlfriend!  My point is:  nobody cares.

Oliver/Green Arrow takes it upon himself to find Deadshot and bring him to justice the only way that Green Arrow knows how.  Bear in mind that Deadshot is a terrible villain who is dispatched way too quickly and wears one red steampunk-y goggle over his right eye.  The goggle is given no explanation, and I am semi-curious why he wears it in the first place given that there are multiple scenes showing him without it and his eyes look normal to me.  The goggle also points down and away from his face, so his name would make more sense to be “Lazy-eye Shot” than something that sounded halfway cool.

Who ‘ya lookin’ at there, Deadshot??

It turns out that one big red goggle doubles as a good bullseye.  And now Oliver’s bodyguard knows his secret identity!  All things that I am not looking forward to seeing more of next week.

As insult to injury, CW just picked this up for a whole season.  I would say I’m surprised, but keep in mind that this is the same CW that is on its third season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

**Updated to include a shot of Deadshot’s googly-eyes