Arsenio Hall Returns to Late Night

arsenio hallArsenio Hall returns to late night on Monday September 9 with a syndicated talk show brought to you by The Tribune Company.  Arsenio hasn’t been on the air since the original Arsenio Hall Show went off the air in 1994.  I’m looking forward to seeing him come back.  I enjoyed Arsenio during his time on The Apprentice and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with his show.

The late night landscape is quite a bit different than it was when he left the air in 1994.  The level of competition for viewers has increased greatly since Arsenio last tried to get viewers to watch him.  Arsenio will be competing against the ratings powerhouses at Comedy Central of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, something he didn’t have to do back in the 90s.  With his 10:00 start time, he will be starting before Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel get on the air so he has a chance to get viewers from those shows early.  If he can do something to keep them from flipping the channel, he might have a chance.

The challenge for Arsenio is going to be reaching the younger audience.  Sure guys my age know him, and I’m happy to see him coming back because I was a fan of his show during my high school years.  But my age demographic is no longer the one that pays the money. The Daily Show and The Colbert report do huge numbers in the young demographic.  Can Arsenio capture them?

My thoughts?  I think he will do ok.  The show doesn’t have a huge budget and it doesn’t have huge expectations.  The Tribune Company are probably going to give this one a chance to grow a bit.  As long as he doesn’t come out and completely implode with MSNBC type ratings, he will probably be given time to try to build an audience.  Let’s just hope that the dog pound is retired.  If Mel Brooks is making fun of something in one of his spoof movies, it’s probably time to retire it.

The Arsenio Hall Show will air here in Chicago on WGN TV Monday’s at 10:00.  The premiere is Monday September 9 at 10:00.  Here is a promo for those who might not have seen it yet: