Arrow – Year’s End

After narrowly avoiding permanent brain damage by being forced to watch GREY’S ANATOMY with my wife, I’m going to gamble heavily by immediately following it up with the mid season finale of ARROW.  If I am reduced to a vegetative state and never able to post again, just know that I appreciate all twelve of you.

An ARROW Christmas Special?  Bah humbug.  The most interesting thing that Oliver investigates is why the family doesn’t celebrate Christmas anymore.  Possibly they should investigate why the script writers would insert “Christmas” as every 20th word… talk about overkill.  Just because the episode happens to air 11 days before Christmas?  Forget about putting the ‘christ’ back in Christmas, let’s put a little bit of quality control into ARROW.

And in thinking about it for two seconds, for an episode named “Year’s End”, it has nothing at all to do with New Years.  Possibly “A Very Arrow Christmas” would have fit it a bit better.  Or Arrow –  “The Christmasy Christmasy Christmas Script Spectacular”  Then again, I’m no script wizard like they clearly employ.

Breakdown within…

A copycat arrow guy is running around and killing a few people that he probably shouldn’t kill.  Oliver teams up with Detective Lance via cellphone to try and capture the new crazed archer.  The police commissioner (played by ROBERT MALONEY who is a simply horrendous actor) takes Detective Lance off the case when he refuses to pin the new crimes on Green Arrow.

Lance sneaks a crimescene arrow over to Green Arrow for investigation, and Oliver is able to trace it to a shipping crate on the wharf.  Once inside he figures out that it’s a giant bomb and escapes just before being incinerated.  Which confirms one of my deepest-seated fears… that there’s going to be a whole bunch more episodes of this show for me to watch.

Through random/pointless flashbacks, we learn that the island is a former Chinese prison.  Deathstroke makes a brief return for the de facto fight scene of the episode with Oliver’s Asian buddy and beats him into submission.  Now Oliver is all alone, which isn’t too much different from his original circumstances.

Back to present day, the new arrow fella takes some hostages and demands Green Arrow come to save them.  Oliver ditches his Christmas party to don the hood and zipline in to save the hostages.  He has a quick shoot-off with the new archer before he gets himself shot twice in the shoulder and his ass kicked.  Oliver manages to match blows and escapes.  So who’s the new arrow?  Tommy’s moron of a father.  Who also kidnaps Walter.  Turns out that Moira is a backstabbing little bee-otch.

Side note:  what the hell is “subsonic ink?”  I’m no chemist, but that doesn’t seem all that legit to me.  That would be the same as saying “fiber optic sound”… don’t try to gussy something up by throwing fancy words together.

Shameless product placement:  WINDOWS 8!!!  *crickets*

No more ARROW until January 16th.  It’s a holiday miracle!  I can finally watch some better television!!

In all seriousness, toss this episode in the “not awful” column.  Granted it still falls way short of the “sort of decent” slot.  1.5/5

Hopefully the show runners can take the holidays to reflect on making good TV.