Arrow – Legacies

Arrow - Legacies

Big news.  This week’s episode of ARROW was not bad, and was even better than last week’s episode which finally might be the turning point where I decide to like this show.  Ultimate judgement shall be reserved for a couple more weeks, just so I know that I’m not mistaking a fluke for a trend.

STEPHEN AMELL is actually starting to show a little bit of emotion.  He’s still working with the acting range of a wet piece of cardboard, but it’s starting to get better.  His bodyguard ‘Diggle’ played by DAVID RAMSAY is becoming both believable and likable which ends up being an amazing revelation for this show.  The character that is not likable whatsoever though is Tommy, whose presence in the show is both pointless and stupid and could be written out with no consequence at all.  Perhaps Tommy comes to play a bigger role in the Green Arrow universe that I am unaware of, but at this point you could cut his scenes entirely and the show would only be better because of it.

On ‘Legacies’, Oliver struggles with the true purpose of his Green Arrow alter-ego, whether it is used to merely carry out his father’s dying wishes or be a driving force for good in whatever crime affects Starling City.  He comes to favor the latter of the two choices when a group of bank robbers known as the Royal Flush Gang roll into town.

Arrow - Royal Flush Gang

Now the Royal Flush Gang is a pretty significant collection of villains in the DC comic universe.  As with every other major villain introduced in ARROW, they are killed off way too quickly and easily that it would be almost impossible to bring them back down the road.  It’s a shame to treat perfectly good characters like that.  Deathstroke aside, the Royal Flush Gang was the most compelling antagonist thus far.  Shame.

Arrow - Royal Flush Gang

Another gripe is that the constant flashbacks of the island are starting to get pretty tiresome.  Let’s just stick with present happenings.

So Oliver obviously saves the day, Tommy continues his quest to get back in Laurel’s pants and Thea makes another drunken ass of herself…

…roll credits.

Body Count – Zero.  Oliver was being a good boy this week.

Times I wanted to kick Tommy in the crotch:  At least seven.

2.0 out of 5 and still improving.  And no thanks to Thanksgiving, we need to wait a whole two weeks to get another installment.