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Note:  The episode title refers to Oliver after his time on the island, not the storyline, script, special effects or actors.  I misunderstood that one too…

But in all seriousness, this episode is a marked improvement on the previous episodes.  I won’t go so far as to say it was good, but it’s starting to do the right things.  Some of the plot points are starting to actually be intriguing, and the villian this time around is not so much of a crosseyed pushover that Deadshot was.

Oliver Queen is dragged to jail by the cops where he requests his ex-girlfriend Laurel to represent him in court.  After being released on a $5 mil bond, he employs his bodyguard to run point on Green Arrow duties while he’s on house arrest.

While reminiscing on his time on the island, we see him captured by a fine English gentleman and his mercenary bounty hunter and knife enthusiast Deathstroke (queue up Micky Avalon) who tortures him for days before he’s rescued by his buddy Green Arrow: Asian Edition.


Deathstroke is the first good villain on the show and was overall pretty cool.  Much like Deadshot he should have had alot more screen time and I’m hoping he returns later in the season.  My only recommendation for Mr. Deathstroke is that wearing explosives on your chest while fighting an expert marksman could break badly for your quality of living.  The fight scenes between Deathstroke and Green Arrow: Asian Edition were good, as were the other fight scenes throughout the episode.  Woah, did I just say something nice about ARROW??  Maybe the show is getting better.  Or repeated viewings of ARROW is numbing my sense of good television.  Most likely a combination thereof…

Oliver Queen eventually has all charges dropped when multiple witnesses see Green Arrow: African American Edition take down an arms deal across town.  Oliver’s bodyguard clearly has a bit more control then Oliver, because the whole arms deal was taken down without any henchmen casualties.  Until Oliver is back in the hood, that is… he instantly takes down two.

Green Arrow bodycount: 2

I’ll be kind and give this a 1.8 out of 5.  I hate to be a hater on this show, because I’m desperately trying to like it.  But I will recognize its improvement and be hopeful moving forward.

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  1. I know I’m not a Midwesttvguy, but I think you might be a little harsh with the 1.8 out of 5 rating. I think it deserves at least a 2.5 for the man in the white/black morph suit alone!

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