ARROW, and/or The Problem with CW in General

So I will admit up front that I have not yet watched the second episode of ARROW, nor am I particularly looking forward to it. But ‘taking one for the team’ is a significant part of the mission statement of MWTVG and removing it from my DVR takes too much effort. I really wanted to like the series premiere, but it teetered precariously between wanting to be awesome and crumbling away into a foaming sea of Deschanel. (see what I did there?)

Taking a quick inventory of the moving pictures that CW executives call “television shows”, we find 90210, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, GOSSIP GIRL, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, HEART OF DIXIE, NIKITA, etc ad nauseum.  And they all suffer from the same problem.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but they all have a similar color-saturated emo look to them and the majority of their actors are androgynous douchebags.  Much like soap operas are named after the ‘soapy’ look of the camera lens, I will now refer to the CW shows collectively as “DOUCHE OPERAS”

Full Disclosure:  The one exception to the rule is SUPERNATURAL, which is one of my all-time favorite shows (posts arriving soon)

Getting back to ARROW, it sounds good on paper and has a lot of potential coming from DC comics being a quasi-spinoff of SMALLVILLE. But execution was poor and I have a big problem with the characters’ ability to be memorable as well as their distinct lack of acting talent. Quite frankly, it lost me in the first five minutes when Oliver Queen gets saved from starving on a deserted island for five years and immediately looks like he came off a cycle of anabolic steroids.

ARROW might get better I suppose, and I will follow it if only for the betterment of MWTVG.