Arrow – An Innocent Man

This week in ARROW’S march towards mediocrity, Oliver Queen takes it upon himself to prove a convicted death row inmate innocent while he struggles to maintain a distinct lack of acting range.  Spoiler Alert:  He succeeds in freeing the prisoner, nails the talentless part and also succeeds in finally getting arrested for his 4-episode murder-a-thon.  He should have taken my advice… a hood is a terrible mask unless you really don’t want somebody to recognize the back of your head.

Which was a pretty funny part of this episode… he meets Laurel, his lawyer ex-girlfriend, several times during the episode to deliver intel on the death row case.  Even though he is standing one foot in front of her facing her directly, she still has no idea who he is.  Granted she’s not quite as naive as Lois Lane and the amazing glasses/no glasses transformation of Clark Kent, but it’s pretty stupid nonetheless.

At least Tommy wasn’t in this one to enrage me with his attempt-to-be-funny-but-fail-miserably dialogue.

We also get a bunch of phenomenally pointless flashbacks of Oliver’s time on the island.  He was saved, then shot by, then re-saved by Green Arrow: Asian Edition who is now teaching him how to kill and cook birds.  Whoop-de-doo.  He verges on crying like a girl when he needs to kill his first bird because he “hasn’t killed anything before”.  My oh my how far we’ve come from there.

By the way, his bodyguard who now knows his secret identity, quit the job and then promptly un-quit to join Green Arrow in his quest for justice.  AND, Oliver’s step-dad finds out that his mother paid a few mil out of the corporation’s books to find and stash the family’s sunken yacht in a warehouse.  I am bristling with excitement to see where this all goes. (Sarcasm noted)

Pointless body count: 1

I am happy to report that I have finally found somebody that thinks ARROW is a decently good show:  My wife.  Perhaps she is more the CW’s core demographic, but I think I feel an emergency family meeting coming on…