Arrested Development Will Be Back

arrested developmentMitchell Hurwitz has confirmed that Arrested Development will be back.  He was asked during a Q&A session at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal whether the show would return and he answered simply, “definitely.”

Hurwitz went on to say that he is unsure about whether he will do another season of Arrested Development or whether they will return in a movie.  He did say that whatever he does, he will be bringing the entire cast back together all at once (a recognition of fan complaints for how season 4 was presented).

I enjoyed season 4 of Arrested Development.  It wasn’t the greatest ever but there were moments that re-captured some of what has made this show such a pop culture phenomenon.  I think a lot of the complaining was based on the fact that it would have been nearly impossible for Arrested Development to live up to the hype surrounding the show.  Expectations were just too high.

I’ll be looking forward to whatever they decide to do with this show.  Netflix struck gold signing this show on as it has helped them branch out in new directions so you can rest assured that Hurwitz and company will be given lots of latitude to decide what direction they want to take this show.

You can watch all 4 seasons of Arrested Development now on Netflix.