Arrested Development Documentary Needs Money

arrested development documentaryWe are huge fans of Arrested Development here at MWTVG (all smart people are) and are really looking forward to the shows return to Netflix in May.  I found out today that there are two filmmakers who have been working on an Arrested Development documentary for the last 5 years and they need money to help finish the project.

Head over to this Rolling Stone article to read about what you can get for different levels of donation.  There are “Loose Seal” and “I just blue myself” levels of donations for example that include private screenings of the movie with friends.  The filmmakers are about $8,000 short of their goal.  This is something that we can make happen.  Here is their kick starter page: The Arrested Development Documentary Project.

I have said before that for anyone to be allowed to watch Season 4 on Netflix, they must have previously been a fan of the show.  I will relax that rule for anyone who makes a donation to this project (Jason B., I’m looking at you).

Here’s the trailer for The Arrested Development Documentary: