Around the Web – 9/26/13

around the webDon’t you love a farce? My fault, I fear. I thought that you’d want what I want, sorry my dear. But where are the clowns?Send in the clowns. Don’t bother they’re here.

– Frank Sinatra

It’s Thursday, or so I’m told.  Let’s get the news from around the web.

  • You didn’t think that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was going to be the only comic book TV show did you?  Of course not.  Hollywood loves to copy things.  Fox has given the green light for a new TV show based on a famous comic book character but will not actually feature that character. (
  • Ken Jeong is going to be getting his own TV show.  You might know him as that Asian guy who never says no to anything.  (Angry Asian Man)
  • It’s been said that movie stars never go to the small screen because they think it’s beneath them. That used to be the truth but lately, more and more movie people are moving to TV. They like the steady pay and the regular schedule. Here are 13 movie stars who have also won Emmy awards. (Portable)
  • How many of you were fans of Rugrats?  I used to love that show.  My kids were little when Rugrats was on so it was one that we had to watch regularly.  Now how many of you knew that the woman who did the voice of Tommy Pickles could sing?  I know you didn’t see it because she auditioned on The Voice and no one watches that show so here it is for you. (Popdust)
  • Family Guy is about to jump the shark. How do I know this? They have announced a guest star that will be voicing a character on the show next season and this will be it for one of my favorite shows. This person being on the show means that it’s over and we can call it a day for Family Guy. (
  • Jane Seymour is 62 years old. When you see her in this bikini, you will see that 62 is not what it used to be.  (Barnorama)
  • Check out these amazing houses. Can you imagine what the mortgages are for houses like these? (The Chive)

naya rivera


  • Hot actress of the day: Naya Rivera from Glee.  (Celebuzz) (Ranker)

video: (Maxim)