Around the Web – 9/19/13

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You said you were leaving tomorrow. That today was our last day. I said there’d be no sorrow, that I’d laugh when you walked away.

– Burl Ives

On the downhill side of the week.  It’s almost Friday for all of you working stiffs. Let’s get the news from around the web.

  • Here are 5 famous actors who hate their most iconic roles. (Cracked)
  • I don’t have any idea who Keeley Hazell is but here are 27 boobtastic pictures of her.  (Ranker)
  • There are tons of videos out there on the internet where people are doing crazy things with their GoPro cameras.  Here is one you have never seen.  Someone strapped a GoPro to an eagle. You won’t believe how cool this is. (The Chive)
  • Here’s another one for the ladies.  Have any of you seen Clint Eastwood’s son Scott? So this guy is rich as hell AND he looks like this?  I’m telling you folks.  Life just ins’t fair sometimes.  I’m sure my wife, like all of you wives and girlfriends out there, would pick me over Scott Eastwood any day.  Right? (Dlisted)
  • How much do you think you know about The Princess Bride? Well prepare to add to your knowledge bank.  Here is a guy that explains all of the fencing terms used in the movie and believe it or not, it’s really interesting.  (Combative Corner)
  • And here is more movie knowledge for you. Remember that running montage in Rocky II?  You know the one where he ends up on the steps with all the kids?  Of course you do.  Well a guy in Philadelphia mapped out Rocky’s run to see how far he ran for the movie.  You don’t get this kind of knowledge with other TV blogs out there people.  (Philly Mag)

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  1. I read the Princess Bride link and it seems like there hasn’t been a good fencing book since 1599.

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