Around The Web For 7-15-14

alona tal 7-15-14

Around the Web for 7-15-14Look at the wake 
From the stardust pouring from your eyes
It’s no mistake
You are perfect
You are perfect in my mind
Gemini Syndrome

I’m sure no one who reads this knows who Gemini Syndrome is…that’s ok. Expand your musical knowledge. Today I’m covered in mosquito bites and rather cranky about it. So without further ado, here’s your daily collection of rather weird happenings.

Around The Web For 7-15-14:

  • This is your friendly reminder to take your contacts out. Like, seriously. They even warn you about all the crazy stuff that can happen if you leave them in too long. I’m so happy I wear glasses every day. (Inquisitr)
  • The first of my music heavy posts-Weird AL is back, and promising an over abundance of music. (Twitter) And if you haven’t heard his parody of Pharrel’s “Happy” then you can find it right here: (AV Club)
  • How about a break from my weirdness with ten facts about nipples? (listverse)
  • George Takei posted this saying he didn’t know how he had missed it…I don’t know how I missed it, either. A bit older, but still amazing. And this is my life. Right here. In a Jason Derulo parody. (Youtube)
  • I have a lot of reactions to these “shoes” spanning from rage to…casual acceptance? Mostly, I hate them. They seem like something a fedora adorned pseudo runner would wear. Ugh. (geekologie)
  • This is just crazy. Darkest substance ever created. Looking at it in picture form is crazy enough, can you imagine in person? If you’re in a dark room, would you be able to see it? Because technically, a dark room has residual this substance would still be darker than that, right? I don’t know, it’s hurting my brain. (cnet)
  • How do you think the proposal for this study went? “I need drugs…because…I’m going to look at them?” Seriously cool pictures, though. (iflscience)
  • alona tal 7-15-14Hot Actress of the Day: Alona Tal. I know her from Supernatural. She was also apparently on Burn Notice, Veronica Mars, and a bunch of stuff that is not in English.

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