Around the Web for 3-4-2014

Around the Web for 3-4-2014I’m bent on believing everything is alright
I break with the day and I bend with the night
It’s a comeback story of a lifetime
I walk a mile in your shoes
And now I’m a mile away
And I’ve got your shoes

-Kings of Leon

Here’s what is going on around the web for 3-4-2014:

  • Matthew McConaughey… I love when this dude talks.  And in all seriousness, as ‘out of left field’ as his Oscar acceptance speech was, it makes an awful lot of sense.  (flavorwire)
  • BILL CLINTON + hookers = looks about right.  (TMZ)
  • In apples falling from trees news, JUSTIN BIEBER’S dad is breaking up with his baby mama.  Forget father of the year, this article makes the dude sound like father of the millennium.  As a general observational note to the esteemed Mr. Bieber:  Your loins have brought great shame to mankind.  The Japanese have commited Hara Kiri for much less.  Hint hint.  (Inquisitr)
  • SCARLETT JOHANSSON let one slip past the goalie as she is currently 5-ish months pregnant.  It sounds like she timed this one pretty well around filming for AVENGERS 2, although a pregnant Black Widow would be an interesting plot device.  (Celebuzz)
  • Now for a riddle:  When is a face not a face?  When that face belongs to KIM NOVAK.  Jesus-tapdancing-christ, I think Mason Verger had a better reconstructive surgeon. (entertainmentwise)
  • It’s good to know that ELLEN DEGENERES and movie stars were thoughtful enough to actually tip the pizza guy who delivered pizzas to the Oscars.  And a thousand bucks to boot! (THR)
  • Check out iCarly’s JENNETTE MCCURDY as she takes selfies in her skivvies (egotastic)
  • JENNIFER LAWRENCE:  You’re hot and all, but you need to put as much effort into walking straight as you do making good movies.  (Mashable)

Hot chick of the day: KEEGAN CONNOR TRACY from season 1 of BATES MOTEL  (season 2 started last night!), BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, SUPERNATURAL and more.