Around the Web for 2-4-2014

imagesShe’s a beast.  I call her Karma
She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer
Be careful
Try not to lead her on
Shawty’s heart was on steroids
Cause her love was so strong

-Juicy J in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse

Who quality controls rap lyrics?  Because these are simply awful.  “Her love is like a drug, I was tryin’a hit it and quit it, but lil’ mama so dope, I messed around and got addicted.”  Nobody respects the beauty and dignity of women quite like the rap world.

Here’s what is going on around the web for 2-4-2014

  • Serving as a counterpoint to her freakishly skinny pregnant selfie pic from last week, GWEN STEFANI posted a picture of “Chunky Me” (her, not me) getting an autograph from Sting in 1983.  Right as rain, everybody is ‘outraged’ that she would contribute to girls having a poor self-image.  Look, ‘self image’ is one thing, but to be completely ‘self-oblivious’ is something quite different. (Twitter)
  • Let’s be real for a second.  The Superbowl ads this year were way more Denver Broncos than they were Seattle Seahawks, if you get my thinly-veiled football reference.  “What’s more American than America?!?”  Thanks for the deep thought, BOB DYLAN.  I thought the Sarah Mclachlan dog hybrid add was pretty funny.  At least the halftime show made up for it.  I don’t even like BRUNO MARS but he put on a hell of a performance.  Newcastle Brown Ale probably did the best one of them all, spoofing the fact that they couldn’t afford the airtime.  (Adweek)
  • Speaking of the Superbowl, JOE NAMATH: please give Liberace his coat back.  Now for PETA… STFU.  If Joey boy wants to depart the stadium on his sled dogs to the mythical land of Narnia and be the next White Queen, that’s his prerogative.  If there’s one thing I hate more than an idiot, it’s the hundreds of other idiots crying about how much of an idiot he is.  (The Bleacher Report)
  • In GEORGE ZIMMERMAN-working-backwards news, he now wants to step into the celebrity boxing ring and fight KANYE WEST.  Bro: I’m pretty sure that being bad at boxing is what got you into trouble in the first place.  Why did he feel the need to attack yet another black dude… go equal opportunity and take a swing at the white man.  Or maybe even a white chick.  Specifically a young white chick whose first name is Miley.  Talk about skyrocketing public opinion!  (The Superficial)

Hot chick of the day:  KATEE SACKHOFF from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the newest RIDDICK (Uproxx)


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  1. Midwest Mike // February 4, 2014 at 10:28 am //

    Katee Sackoff is also on one of my favorite cop dramas, Longmire.

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