Around the Web for 2-27-2014

Around the Web for 2-27-2014Seems the road less traveled
Show’s happiness unraveled
And you got to take a little dirt
To keep what you love
That’s what you gotta do


Here’s what is going on around the web for 2-27-2014:

  • We hypothesized on Tuesday that a newly single ROBIN THICKE possesses a veritable cornucopia of sexually transmitted diseases, now his brother in probable VD JOHN MAYER was dumped by KATY PERRY.  Remember FAMILY GUY’S Hot Body/Weird Face between KIRSTEN DUNST and SARAH JESSICA PARKER?  KATY PERRY would come in like a dark horse for the victory. (The Superficial)
  • Want an honest assessment of the Oscar contenders this year?  I probably won’t watch any of them.  Seriously, I make a special effort to not watch Oscar contenders because it’s usually more a study of directorial masturbatory technique than anything that would even moderately interest me.  Although this year looks better than years past with WOLF OF WALL STREET, AMERICAN HUSTLE and DALLAS BUYERS CLUB being likely watches for me… the latter of which only because MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is so good in TRUE DETECTIVE.  Now do you want an honest assessment of this year’s Oscar contenders from an actual critic?  (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ instagrammed a naked picture of herself meditating in Thiland.  Rumor is that MIDWEST MO has a similar morning routine, only in his front yard.  This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that he can’t be 500 feet from schools or women’s fitness centers.  (entertainmentwise)
  • The goofy looking dude from GIRLS (not LENA DUNHAM, the other one) was just cast as the villain in the upcoming STAR WARS film.  I guess banging LENA DUNHAM even in a fictional sense is a one-way trip to the dark side. (The Guardian)
  • LORDE and TAYLOR SWIFT like long walks together on the beach.  To be honest, I didn’t think that LORDE was allowed out of her coffin in the daytime.  (egotastic)
  • MIDWEST MARK is super stoked that HANNIBAL season 2 premieres on Friday!  HANNIBAL was by far the most underrated show of 2013 and needs our viewership this time around!  Check out one of the opening fight scenes between Hannibal and Jack Crawford to wet your whistle  before the premiere.  (Comic Book Resources)

Hot chick of the day:  I have never once participated in this madness that is TBT, but for giggles let’s have a classic TIFFANI AMBER THIESSEN from SAVED BY THE BELL/90210 fame.

Around the Web for 2-27-2014