Around the Web for 2-13-2014

around the web for 2-13-2014Mine’s a tale that can’t be told, my freedom I hold dear.
How years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air.
T’was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair.
But Gollum, and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her

-Led Zeppelin

It’s Thursday.  Thursday… Just when you think that Thursday is nothing but a good-for-nothing tease of a Friday, just remember that Thursday is historically “Thor’s Day,” so perhaps it is the single coolest day of the week.  At this point I’m about as tired as BOB COSTAS on a three day bender in Russia and can’t wait for the weekend.  Here’s what is going on around the web for 2-13-2014.

  • Let’s lead off strong today with a great mashup of STAR WARS and the Sochi Winter Olympics. (Daily Pics and Flicks)
  • Check out the world’s tallest dog!  (Geekologie)
  • OJ Simpson has started a hunger strike in prison to die.  I have nothing funny or satirical about this one… overall it’s pretty messed up.  (Showbiz Spy)
  • Bruce Jenner is putting the final nails in the coffin of his manhood.  (Hollywood Life)
  • Speaking of misguided bros, JUSTIN BIEBER is naked on police video and his lawyes are trying to block its release.  According to his lawyers, the video shows “intimate parts of his body” which if you read between the lines roughly translates to “his extremely tiny penis.” (TMZ)
  • Three in a row!  SHIA LABEOUF – At one point in time I liked you as an actor.  Now you are genuinely an idiot.  (The Wrap)
  • FARRAH ABRAHAM is at the point now where I’m convinced she has given up the last sliver of her humanity and become a full-on soulless love doll.  Guess what, she has another porn!  (WebProNews)
  • ASKMEN brings us a list of the 99 Most Desirable Women.  Do any of them make a good sandwich?  Because that would be the tipping point for me.  MILEY CYRUS is #99, I would rank her a few mil below that.  And any list with AMY ADAMS in the top ten is immediately invalidated.  Go check it out anyway for a surprise non-JENNIFER LAWRENCE #1… (Askmen)

Hot chick of the day:  GAL GADOT to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman and Superman movie (heavy)

around the web for 2-13-2014