Around the Web – 12/24/13

around the web“Oooh fuuudge!”
“Only I didn’t say “Fudge.” I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the ‘F-dash-dash-dash’ word!”

– Ralphie and Ralphie as Adult in A Christmas Story

We wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. Let’s get the news from Around the web.

  • Speaking of A Christmas Story, Tim Robbins was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently and he reenacted a famous scene from that movie involving a frozen pole. Even Tim knows you can’t walk away from a double dog dare. (Seriously OMG)
  • It could be a Christmas miracle. It seems as though the Kardashian’s 15 minutes of fame might finally be up! (Celebitchy)
  • Want to see a Benedict Cumbertach vs. Tom Hiddelston dance off? Of course you do. (Pajiba)
  • Simon Cowell is on vacation in Barbados right now and something tells me that he is winning at going on vacation. (Crazy Days and Nights)
  • Molly Simms is looking good in a bikini. (Moe Jackson)
  • For all of our fans who are fans of The Real Housewives. Apparently Brandi and Joyce are still fighting. Even at Christmas. It’s a shame. (Reality Tea)
  • I know many of you are going to be stuck in your house or at some friend’s or relative’s house with nothing to do but watch TV. Here is what’s on tomorrow so you can find something to help you escape the nightmare. (Cinema Blend)
  • The news is always full of doom and gloom. If you watch the news regularly you would think the world is about to come to an end. Don’t worry. It’s not all bad. Here is some good news that is not getting enough coverage. (
  • Santa usually brings joy and cheer. Usually. There are times though when Santa can be one heck of a creepy dude. (Radass)
  • How many of you love Home Alone? It’s a great movie. Also, it’s a great Christmas movie. That Macaulay Culkin is one heck of a cute kid. Want to see him now? He’s eating some pizza and he has grown up a bit. (Buzzfeed)


lily aldridgeHot girl of the day: Lily Aldridge from Victoria’s Secret

(Hollywood Tuna)