Around the Web – 12/14/13

around the webWith the heartbreak open
So much you can’t hide
Put on a little makeup, makeup
Make sure they get your good side, good side

If the words unspoken
Get stuck in your throat
Send a treasure token, token
Write it on a pound note, pound note

– Adam Ant

It’s Saturday so most of you aren’t at work which means you probably won’t be surfing the internet as much as you do when you are getting paid to work. Just in case you are, let’s get the news from around the web.

  • When the sun shines through a dress and makes it transparent. Awesome.
    (Bro My God)
  • Justin Bieber falls on his ass. This should make you smile. (TMZ)
  • Alison Brie as a sexy elf for Christmas? You’re welcome. (CoEd)
  • Here are the 10 biggest celebrities getting naked scandals of 2013.
    (Your Tango)
  • Alligator vs. Housecat. No one messes with a house cat. (The Chive)
  • There is a celebrity out there who is paying her husband for sex. FYI, I currently am jobless and looking for employment if any of you out there need an employee for similar reasons. (Celebitchy)
  • Do you like the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside“? Of course you do. We all do. Do you know what it’s really about? You’ll think differently after you see this reinterpretation. (Funny or Die)
  • This cheetah and dog are best friends. (YouTube)
  • Here are 10 dogs discovering snow to put a smile on your face. (Heavy)


yvonne strahovskiHot actress of the day: Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck

(Ask Men)